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June 12 2017 Minutes



CHS Library

Monday June 12, 2017

7:00 pm Regular Meeting






            President Marcia Kampling called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were          Jarrod Bartlett, Brandt Ditgen, Jason Gregory, Rusty Slusser and Matt Voth.  Member Van          Dewey was absent.  Also present were David Grover, Superintendent; Greg Rosenhagen, CHS Principal; Ron Orsak, CMS Principal; Sherri Conrad, CES Principal; Jodi Grover, College       Career Ready Director; Lori Kutilek, Director of   Teaching and Learning and     Dawn Hampel, Board Clerk.


2.         PUBLIC FORUM

            Joe Hubener, Nate Miller, Scott Mosher and Craig Higgins presented an idea to the Board to hold             an Alumni Football game.   They shared with them how it’s organized and what other towns /            schools are participating.



            It was moved by Brandt Ditgen and seconded by Jason Gregory to approve the agenda as           presented.  Motion carried   6-0



            It was moved by Rusty Slusser and seconded by Matt Voth to approve the consent agenda as      presented.  Motion carried   6-0

·         Minutes of May 8, 2017 Regular Meeting

·         Payment of Bills

·         Payment of Bond Bills

·         Out-of-District students

·         CRC Board appointment – Randy Leroux



            Mr. Johnson was not able to attend the meeting.



            City Manager Randy Oliver was not able to attend the meeting.



            Superintendent’s Report:

·         they are replacing the floor tile in the MS – under warranty

·         sprinkler system at the ball diamonds need to be looked at

·         north side of elementary gym doors are fixed and concrete can be finished

·         CHS Library still leaks

·         need to do an auditorium walk through

·         End of year budget meeting needs to be scheduled

It was moved by Jason Gregory and seconded by Jarrod Bartlett to schedule the end of year budge meeting for June 27th at 7:00 am.  Motion carried  6-0


            CHS Principal’s Report:

            CHS Past Events:

            ● At the time of this writing we have just returned from the USA Conference in Wichita. There       were excellent presenters and keynotes and we appreciate the opportunity to attend and network         with other administrators in all parts of the state. We missed hearing from Dale Dennis but know      he was busy with the Legislature.

            ● The end of school hit quick and it is hard to believe we are into June. We had one Senior not     meet requirements for Graduation but is working at it as we speak. If the work is completed, he             will be awarded his diploma and be considered a Graduate of 2017.

            ● We extended Special Education services to another student who met their academic     requirements to graduate with the Class of 2017, however, our IEP team believed he needed        additional resources and assistance. That student will be transported to Trans-Net in Mt. Hope in         the fall and until he exits the program.

            ● Driver’s Ed is in full swing and a basketball camp has been completed. For summer, we            have sure had a lot of activity and foot traffic.


            CHS Upcoming Events:

            ● I am looking forward to working with Middle School Principal Ron Orsak this summer in preparation for the new school year. As was the case before, we need to continue to establish          consistencies in the middle school and high school. Some differences need to be in place due to            the maturity level of our students, however, we work at making the transition from middle school            to high school as seamless as possible.

            ● The Kingman HS Principal was present at our CPL Meeting on June 7. They are feeling out       both the CPL and CKL leagues as to where they would prefer to be members. We are anxious for         our visit with them and personally speaking, would like them to consider the CPL as their           league of choice. I am confident that “two-thirds” of our current league membership would agree if the addition of Kingman presents itself. In order to increase our league membership, a two-thirds            vote in favor is required.


8.         BOE REPORTS

            Rusty Slusser attended the Special education meeting in May and said the main thing that was     discussed was implementing tele-commuting.



            At 8:10 pm Jarrod Bartlett moved, seconded by Matt Voth, that the Board enter into executive       session for the purpose of discussing personal matters of non-elected personnel to protect the           privacy interests of the individual(s) to be discussed, except that            any such person shall have the right to a public hearing if requested by that person because if these matters were discussed in          open session it might invade the privacy of those discussed and to protect the privacy rights of an employee who is identifiable to discuss matters relating to employer-employee negotiations   whether or not in consultation with the representative or representatives of the body or agency to         protect the district’s right to the confidentiality of its negotiating position and the public interest in   negotiating a fair and equitable contract and that the Board return to open session in this room at          9:05 pm.  Motion carried   6-0        (Present were the BOE members and the Superintendent)


The Board resumed open session at 9:05 pm.



            It was moved by Jason Gregory and seconded by Brandt Ditgen to accepted the following           resignations:                            Motion carried    6-0


            Brenda Berry – Prom Coordinator

            Cory Brack – HS Teacher and Head Football Coach

            Alyssa James – CES Teacher

            Darrin San Romani – MS Asst. Boys Basketball Coach

            Ashley Unruh – CES Teacher


            It was moved by Jarrod Bartlett and seconded by Rusty Slusser to approve the following job        offerings:                        Motion carried   6-0


            Megan Graf – CES Teacher

            Robin Leroux – CES Teacher

            Ron Orsak – CMS Principal

            Megan Pipkin – HS Asst VB Coach

            Shelly Webster – CES Night Custodian

            Shelby Wehrman – CHS Teacher and HS Head Football Coach


11.        ADJOURNMENT

            President Marcia Kampling adjourned the meeting at 9:10 pm.







            _______________________________                _____________________________________

            Marcia Kampling, Board President                      Dawn M Hampel, Board Clerk