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May 8 2017 Minutes



CHS Library

Monday May 8, 2017

7:00 pm Regular Meeting






            President Marcia Kampling called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were          Jarrod Bartlett, Brandt Ditgen, Jason Gregory, Rusty Slusser and Matt Voth.  Member Van          Dewey was absent.  Also present were David Grover, Superintendent; Greg Rosenhagen, CHS Principal; Sherri Conrad, CES Principal; Lori Kutilek, Director of Teaching and Learning and   Dawn Hampel, Board Clerk.


2.         PUBLIC FORUM

            No patrons were present.



            It was moved by Jason Gregory and seconded by Matt Voth to approve the agenda as     presented.  Motion carried   4-0


            Jarrod Bartlett arrived at this time.



            It was moved by Rusty Slusser and seconded by Jason Gregory to approve the consent agenda   as presented.  Motion carried   5-0


·         Minutes of April 10, 2017 Regular Meeting

·         Payment of Bills

·         Payment of Bond Bills

·         Acceptance of Yoder Scholarship donation

·         Out-of-District students

·         BOE filing deadline June 1 for Dewey, Bartlett and Slusser seats


            Brandt Ditgen arrived during the DLR Group report.



            Kevin Greischar from DLR Group discussed with the Board the remaining balance due for the       architectural fees in order to get the contract wrapped up.  Mr. Greischar said that the total costs         from DLR Group were $839,597.  When asked by Board member Matt Voth how sure he was of            that being the total cost, Mr. Greischar said 99% sure.  At this time the district has paid to them $783,137.43.

            President Marcia Kampling also accepted a check from Mr. Greischar for Errors and Omissions in            the amount of $86,096.82.










            CHS Principal’s Report:

            ● Community Service Day - We were forced to postpone and may end up cancelling the project.   Our goal was to decide by Friday morning.

            ● Classification Proposals - Both proposals regarding school classifications passed the    KSHSAA Board of Directors. We will soon be receiving our district ballot sheet that will allow us to    provide one vote in response to the two classification proposals.

            ● CPL Art - Our students performed exceptionally well at the CPL Art Show on April 26.

            ● State Music - The State Music Festival for Large Groups at Trinity Academy HS and the State   Music Solos & Small Ensembles at SE of Saline provided our students an excellent opportunity to       show their talents.

            ● Our staff was treated to an excellent message from Dr. Randy Watson at our April PLD Day.     Many thanks for our students in the Intro to Teaching Class who joined us for his message. The            afternoon was spent in Individualized Professional Development.  Plans for the afternoon were    submitted for approval and provided a great opportunity for staff to participate in something that         was unique and worthwhile for them.

            ● Fine Arts Banquet - The Fine Arts Banquet will be held in the high school commons on Friday, May 12. Tickets may be purchased by calling the high school office. As a reminder, we have         again separated the awarding of scholarships and now do that at a separate time. The scholarship assembly is now held during the school day in order for all of our students to     participate and see firsthand how generous our community and our local businesses are. That           assembly this year was held on Thursday, May 4.

            ● Baccalaureate is scheduled for Wednesday, May 17 at 7:00 p.m. in the High School      Auditorium.

            ● The Graduation Ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 20 at 6:00 p.m. I would like to know at             the meeting Monday as to who will be attending.


            CHS Assistant Principal/AD’s Report:

            ● We’ve hosted three more baseball and softball events in the last couple of weeks. Marty and     Dwayne and Coach Quick continue to great work in prepping fields and working around the      weather. We receive compliments on our facility from every visiting team and umpire.

            ● We hosted a 10 team MS Track meet and a 16 team HS Track meet with good results. Although every track meet has its challenges behind the scenes, I’m very appreciative of         people that are willing to pitch in and make it all work. We continue to have a good reputation around the         area for running a quality meet.

            ● MS Track season wrapped up last night with our 7th grade girls and 8th grade boys      finishing as league champions.

            ● We hosted our Boys Golf tourney last week and we finished 3rd. The staff at Cherry Oaks,        Coach Hiebert and Mr. Leroux run an excellent tournament!

            ● Baseball team is 10-4 and #2 in Regional, Softball team is 15-1 and #1 in Regional, Girls Track team has won the last two track meets, Boys golf continues to finish in the top 3 of nearly every meet.

            ● State Forensics is Saturday in Wichita. We have over 20 kids performing.

            ● League Track is next week, with Regional Track at Cheney on May 19

            ● League Golf is next week with Regional Golf at Eureka on May 15

            ● Regional Baseball first round in Cheney May 15, with following rounds in Douglass

            ● Regional Softball is hosted in Cheney on May 15 and 16

            ● This week we rolled out the new elective offerings for next year (that I discussed at the last       BOE meeting). The kids were very receptive and excited about the new           opportunities. A special THANK YOU to our teachers who so willingly agreed to take on more, with the creation of new           and exciting classes for kids.

            ● Jill Weber, Ann Asbury and Carla Ewy worked collaboratively with their classes to create this     incredible video for teacher appreciation week. As you can see, many hours and lots of creativity     went into its creation. Enjoy!

            ● May 9th our 7th graders will be taking their annual trip to Topeka. 8th graders will be out and     about in the community doing service projects. It’s always great to see our kids giving back! The         6th graders are anxiously awaiting their camping trip at the end of next week as well.

            ● 8th Grade Promotion will be Tuesday, May 23 at 7 PM. We will meet outside the HS Gym by     the trophy cases just a few minutes before 7. Please let me know if you can’t attend so we can         have the stage set up accordingly.


            CES Principal’s Report:

            ● Third-Fifth Grade Grandparents’ Day was well attended and enjoyed by everyone. We served    approximately 190+ grandparents on that day. This was an increase of about 20            grandparents. A            great big thank you to the kitchen staff, Mrs. Thisius, our STUCO students, Eileen, and the        custodians for making the luncheon such a success.

            ● Mr. Shue’s Art Show was also well attended and a huge success. Parents, families,      community members, and students viewed the art pieces. This year Kimber Smith was selected as the artist of the year. Her clay sculpture was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's       sunflower painting. Art Walk Kimber Smith, Winner

            ● Preschool screening took place on April 19 and 20. Mrs. Tackett and her crew   screened 32      students for the 2017-2018 school year. We always have more students to screen during the month of May and before school starts in the fall. We can serve 40 students in our preschool.

            ● In honor of National Education Appreciation Week, our PALS organization showered our staff   each day with lots of love. The staff appreciated the breakfast, snacks, lunch, friendly letters from          students, and the popcorn that was served! We are very fortunate to have such a strong parent        group!

            ● Kylie Fletcher, an 8th grader at CMS, presented a “Buddy Bench” to the students during an all   school assembly. Earlier in the year, Kylie meet with Mrs. Conrad about her idea of creating and donating a buddy bench to the school as a part of her Girl Scouts Silver Award project.   The      Silver Award is the second highest award in Girl Scouts. This project was inspired by her passion             for students to have a friend. If a child is sitting on the bench with no one to play with, others are         encouraged to ask them to join in on their fun. The students at CES will help Mrs. Conrad      determine where the buddy bench will permanently land on the playground before the school year             ends. For more details about Kylie’s project see the article in last week’s Times Sentinel.

            ● Mrs. Tolar will be hosting Kansas Fitness Day activities on Friday, May 5. Third grade   students from surrounding schools will be joining us for the fun. Mrs. Tolar does an        exceptional job planning and organizing the activities for this day. Track and Field day is        on        Friday, May 12th. It will also be worth attending if you have some time to spare. Great memories      are created on this day! Mr. Shue and Mr. SanRomani will be racing the fifth graders. I’m so thankful for young men who are up for that challenge!

            ● Interviews are currently taking place for our open special education position at CES. The COOP            sent me names of candidates that they are considering. I will be interviewing those candidates as        well. I will give my final recommendations as to which teacher would be the best fit for our school.    I hope to have that decision made by early next week.

            ● PALS will be voting to approve software contracts for CES at the May 9th meeting.        Teachers have submitted requests for licensing the following programs: SumDog (math   program), Discovery Education (all subject areas) and IXL for 4th graders (math and ELA).

            ● Our final Challenge Coin will take place on May 17 at 10:00 in an all school assembly.  After the             presentation of the coin winners, Gary Sigle, from the Kansas Association of American     Educators, will present Mrs. Unruh the $250 grant money she won for her classroom.

            ● Meg Rice, Rachel Beech, and Karla Dick have officially announced either their retirement or     resignations. Meg’s position has been filled by Brooke Winter. We are in          the process of hiring for the other two positions.


            Teaching and Learning Director’s Report:

            ● Teachers are analyzing data from spring summative assessments from May 5-12 and making    curricular decisions based on those numbers. Final reports on student growth for    reading and       math will be available at the June board meeting. We are very pleased with our progress so far!

            ● 1st, 3rd and 4th grade teachers visited a teacher in Maize on the PLD day, April 24th to see       guided math in action and talk to the teacher about the pros and cons and learning      implementation techniques. All three grades came away with ideas to implement into their      classroom in math.

            ● Teachers gave positive feedback on their Individual Professional Development day April 24th.   Their reports on their individual learning will be available soon.

            ● EdCamp KS is coming in June. Many teachers at the elementary building are taking      advantage of this free professional training day held in Andover, KS. It is a full day of    workshops ranging from Makerspaces to using Breakout EDU in classrooms. We always            come    away rejuvenated and ready to implement new and exciting stuff!

            ● Students and staff are working hard to make our learning in May both productive and fun. You   will see so many creative and exciting projects going on at the elementary school.

            ● Our staff continues to work on building relationships with each other and our students. Our        weekly data can be found here. Our students will be taking their spring survey on how they feel           about their relationships with adults in our building. The results will be available next week.


7.         BOE REPORTS

            Marcia Kampling attended the April Special Education meeting.  She said the main item   discussed was a change in KASB policy KGB which is in regards to unauthorized concealed          observations.

            The Board also discussed finishing work to be done at the Baseball / Softball complex and           would like to invite City Manager Randy Oliver and Recreation Director Brent Peintner to the    June meeting for an update on their projects.



            At 8:00 pm Matt Voth moved, seconded by Jarrod Bartlett, that the Board enter into          executive session for the purpose of discussing personal matters of non-elected personnel       to protect the privacy interests of the individual(s) to be discussed and for the purpose of        discussing matters relating to actions adversely or favorably affecting a student, except that any        such person shall have the right to a public hearing if requested by that person because if these            matters were discussed in open session it might invade the privacy of those discussed and to             protect the privacy rights of an employee or student who is identifiable, that the Board return to     open session in this room at 8:35 pm.  Motion carried  6-0    (Present were the BOE members   and the Superintendent)


The Board resumed open session at 8:35 pm.



            It was moved by Jarrod Bartlett and seconded by Matt Voth to approve the following job   resignations:                 Motion carried   6-0


            Amy Wallace - CMS Principal

            Karla Dick – CES Head Cook


10.        ADJOURNMENT

            President Marcia Kampling adjourned the meeting at 8:36 pm.











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            Marcia Kampling, Board President                      Dawn M Hampel, Board Clerk