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August 14 2017 Minutes



CHS Library

Monday August 14, 2017

6:30 pm Special Budget Meeting

7:00 PM Regular Meeting





            6:30 pm – Budget Meeting



President Marcia Kampling called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Members present were Jarrod Bartlett, Brandt Ditgen, Rusty Slusser and Matt Voth.  Members Van Dewey and Jason Gregory were absent.  Also present were David Grover, Superintendent and Dawn Hampel, Board Clerk.



Superintendent Grover shared with the Board the 2017-18 District State Budget.  He discussed

with them:

·         The Open Page

o    Valuations

o    Past and estimated FTE’s

o    Bond Indebtedness

·         Form 150

o    Calculates the FTE

o    Calculates funding

·         Form 155

o    Calculates the Local Option Budget (LOB)

·         Code 99

o    Notice of Hearing

o    Shows actual expenditures from the past 2 years and the new year as well as the mill levies for each fund over the 3 year period.



It was moved by Brandt Ditgen and seconded by Rusty Slusser to approve the 2017-18 budget for publication.  Motion carried   5-0



None was needed.



Marcia Kampling adjourned the special meeting at  6:50 pm.












7:00 pm – Regular Meeting



President Marcia Kampling called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were Jarrod Bartlett, Brandt Ditgen, Jason Gregory, Rusty Slusser and Matt Voth.  Member Van Dewey was absent.  Also present were David Grover, Superintendent; Greg Rosenhagen, CHS Principal; Ron Orsak, CMS Principal; Sherri Conrad, CES Principal; Todd Hague, Activities Director and Asst HS Principal; Jodi Grover, Director of CCR; Lori Kutilek, Director of Teaching and Learning and Dawn Hampel, Board Clerk.


2.         PUBLIC FORUM

            No patrons were present.



It was moved by Matt Voth and seconded by Rusty Slusser approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried   6-0



It was moved by Jason Gregory and seconded by Jarrod Bartlett to approve the consent agenda as presented.  Motion carried   6-0

·         Minutes of July 10, 2017 Regular Meeting

·         Minutes of July 21, 2017 Special Meeting

·         Special Meeting - August 28, 2017 – 6:00 pm Adoption of 2017-18 Budget

·         Payment of Bills

·         Approval of Out-of-District students

·         2017-18 Fees   (attached)

·         USD 268 Unpaid Meal Policy per KSDE  (attached)

·         Procurement Plan per KSDE



It was moved by Brandt Ditgen and seconded by Rusty Slusser to approve the 2017-18 Negotiated Agreement as presented.  Motion carried  6-0



            CHS Principal’s Report:

            CHS Past Events:

·         The new faces in our building are not so new anymore. Chandra Robertson has been working

            diligently since the first of the month and throughout the enrollment process. Shelby Wehrman                        has spent much of his summer preparing for a new teaching load and preparing our student                           athletes for the fall season.


·         Thanks to our maintenance and custodial staff who always do an unbelievable job of getting our buildings in order and keeping our grounds maintained throughout the summer. It sounds like a broken record but our grounds are second to none.


·         We anticipated our enrollment numbers to increase and at the time of this writing we expect to have 247 students in grades 9 - 12. Most of the increase was due to a larger freshmen class and the graduating senior class being much smaller. Our current numbers are:

            Freshmen - 71

            (7 new / 4 leaving)

            Sophomores – 57

            (1 new / 3 leaving)

            Juniors - 59

            (2 new / 2 leaving)

            Seniors - 60

            (2 new / 3 leaving)


·         Thanks for allowing us to attend our Administrative Retreat earlier in the week. It is a great time to get away and give our full attention to making plans for our staff and students without the interruptions that we would face back “home”.


·         Our league approved the addition of Kingman beginning the 2018 - 2019 school year. We anticipated a unanimous vote in support of this addition which gets us back to 10 member schools.


·         Our Building Leadership Team (BLT) met on Friday night followed by a staff social. We have done this the past several years and enjoy the opportunity to make plans and gear up for the new year in a non-school setting.


CHS Upcoming Events:

Class Organizational Meetings will be held on Monday, August 21 for Class Parents and Class



The Cardinal Club has a new set of officers and are making plans for the August 25 Block Party.


A number of activities will take place prior to September 1. We look forward to watching our students

perform and anticipate great experiences for all of them.


Mr. Rosenhagen also thanked the BOE for allowing him to go to Columbine, Colorado to attend the     Crisis Conference.


            CMS Principal’s Report:

            CMS Past Events:

            I feel fairly settled in as of now. I am excited for the start of the school year. I believe enrollment went

            well, and it was great for me to get to meet lots of students and their parents. He and his staff did        porch visits last week for the 6th grade students and any new students.


            I had concerns for our building being completely finished before we had students, but maintenance did

            an awesome job of getting the carpet (which was delivered late) put down and the halls waxed. Our

            building looks phenomenal inside and out. The new tile in the hallway shines, and the sidewalks         outside are smooth. Esther Mayer, Thomas Bachard, and Ryan Holley do an outstanding job and are       very personable. I feel fortunate to have them.


            Linda Patterson has met with Student Council and Ambassadors to help prepare for 6th grade open

            house and the first two days of school. We have some great things planned to help start out the year

            building relationships and making the students feel part of the CMS family.


            As of August 9th, we have 174 students enrolled, with a few holdouts not returning paperwork yet. The

            breakdown is:

            61 - 6th grade

            52 - 7th grade

            61 - 8th grade


            We will be using our seminar time a little different this year. The seminar class will be a mix of 6th – 8th

            graders and each class will have about 13 students. The focus will be building relationships and          teaching students how to play the game of school. This means teaching them organizational skills,       study skills, homework time, silent reading, and other beneficial tools. We will also use this time to           teach civic responsibility and have students do community service which is student driven.


            I attended the KASSP workshop for beginning principals. It was beneficial and a way to make good

            contacts. Time with other administrators from other districts is always valuable and a great way to       learn and share information. I also attended Outside Visitation Team training for KESA. The      administrators retreat was great. It helped me to feel more a part of the USD 268 team and good          discussions were had. I’m extremely thankful to everyone on the admin team and board for making me         feel welcome as I transition into my new position. I also want to say thank you for the support I felt over       the summer, not only in my job, but with the personal hardships I faced. I sincerely thank you.


                        CMS Upcoming Events:

            Monday 8/14: 6th grade open house 6 - 6:45pm

            Tuesday 8/15: 7 & 8 grade open house 6 - 6:45pm

            Thursday 8/17: Welcome back assembly 8:10am

            Friday 8/18: Hot Dog cook-out for lunch - if you’re in town, stop by and eat lunch with us

            Math and Reading AIMS Web testing the week of 8/21



            CES Principal’s Report:

            CES Past Events:

            New staff members who have moved positions or joined the CES staff include:

            Lindsay Radell, secretary

            Jenna Jacobs, Kindergarten teacher

            Kathy Keller, Kindergarten teacher

            Megan Graf, first grade teacher

            Robyn Huebener, fifth grade teacher

            Brooke Winter, Reading Specialist

            Melissa Webb, reading para

            Connie Jacobs, special education teacher

            Connie Hilger, special education para

            Tawny Laird, special education para

            Karen Bartlett, Social Worker

            David Corns, Adaptive PE

            Shelly Webster, custodian

            Positions in the process of being filled: head cook, dishwasher, media aide, and lunchroom    supervision.


            Pre-K - 5 District Enrollment:

            Enrollment was well attended with follow-up parent calls made by Lindsay Radell, the elementary        secretary. Below are the number of students enrolled as of 8/8/17:


            Preschool 38   (32 new students - 6 transition students)

            Kindergarten 59  (26 students who did not attend Pre-K at CES)

            1st Grade 56  (6 new students)

            2nd Grade  56  (2 new students)

            3rd Grade 55  (3 new students)

            4th Grade 51  (3 new students)

            5th Grade 69  (5 new students)


            A huge shout out to Jenny Murray for volunteering both days to assist parents in setting up     PowerSchool accounts. Lori Kutilek will offer the same assistance during Open House.  Many parents         commented on how helpful this was to them. Classroom teachers will provide directions for parents who wish to do this on their own.


            Parents completed a quick online survey during enrollment. The survey questions will provide

            us with valuable information on how to be more supportive of parents throughout the school

            year. We had approximately 300 parents complete the survey. A huge thanks to Lori Kutilek

            and Todd Hague for their roles in getting such excellent results.


            Mrs. Conrad and Mrs. Kutilek participated in student porch visits.


            Mrs. Kutilek has been working on a writing grant.

            The CES received a $500 grant from MineCraft to be used for relationship building.


            Administration Retreat:

            Thank you so much for supporting our administrative retreat. We had an awesome few days growing   professionally and planning for the upcoming school year!



            PALS has graciously approved to purchase a t-shirt for every CES staff member. The t-shirts reflect    our goal for the school year...Relationships First, Invest and Inspire!  Erin Self is the president for the        upcoming school year. She and the PAL’s board have outlined great plans for the students, staff, and           community. During Open House they will be present to welcome and encourage new members to join    PALS.


            CES Upcoming Events:

            The school is in awesome condition! Our custodians and maintenance crews have our facilities looking

            immaculate! USD 268 is very blessed by all of their hard work and effort! I’m looking forward to all the

            opportunities the new school year will bring! New teachers arrive on Thursday, August 10 followed by

            the rest of the staff on August 11. Students will be welcomed by all staff members the morning of

            August 18.


            Staff and students will be involved in solar eclipse activities on Monday, August 21st.

            Susan Woodard, Cheney Public Librarian, wrote a grant for glasses and she will be donating a pair for all students and staff to wear!  Parents will be informed and all necessary precautions will take place.       Many thanks to Susan for her love of learning and thinking about our students!



            Summer School Data:

            18 pathways

            Stacy Devore, Agriculture/FFA instructor attended multiples session at the Kansas Career & Technical

            Education Summer Conference.

            CCR Past events:

            Regional Finalist for Monsanto Grant - August 1 notified that we did not get the grant.


7.         BOE REPORTS

            Marcia Kampling reported on the Special Education activities.  She said they will be holding an open   house at the new Mt. Hope facility Tuesday, August 15.

            Jason Gregory visited with teachers Renee Teague and Stacy DeVore regarding the outdoor garden / exploration / study area.  They are working on ideas and the location for it.



            At 7:55 pm Jason Gregory moved, seconded by Jarrod Bartlett, for the Board to enter into      executive session for the purpose of discussing personal matters of non-elected personnel           exception under *KOMA to protect the privacy interests of the individual(s) to be discussed, except that     any such person shall have the right to a public hearing if requested by that person because if these             matters were discussed in open session it might invade the privacy of those discussed and to protect     the privacy rights of an employee who is identifiable and that the Board return to open session in this    room at 8:00 pm.  Motion carried   6-0   (Present were the BOE members and the Superintendent)


The Board resumed open session at 8:00 pm.


            At 8:00 pm Matt Voth moved, seconded by Jason Gregory, for the Board to enter into executive          session for the purpose of discussing the acquisition of real property under KOMA to protect the       district’s right to confidentiality of its negotiating position and in negotiating a fair and equitable contract and that the Board return to open session in this room at 8:05 pm.  Motion carried   6-0   (Present were        the BOE members and the Superintendent)


The Board resumed open session at 8:05 pm.


            *KOMA – Kansas Open Meetings Act



            It was moved by Rusty Slusser and seconded by Brandt Ditgen to approve the following job offerings:              Motion carried    6-0

                        Mandy Miller – Elementary Para

                        Lindsay Radell – CES Secretary

                        Richard Oliver – CMS Assistant Coach

                        Bryea Simmonds – CES Assistant Cook

                        Megan Pipkin – HS Asst. Volleyball Coach

                        Jenny Murray – CMS Cheer Sponsor – Fall & Winter

                        Jennifer Hoeme – CMS Asst Track Coach

                        Melissa Webb – Reading Para

It was moved by Jason Gregory and seconded by Matt Voth to approve the following resignations: Motion carried   6-0

            Troy Moody – bus driver

            Connie Hilger – Para / Aide

            Bonnie Young – Elementary Para


10.        ADJOURNMENT

            President Marcia Kampling adjourned the meeting at 8:10 pm.




________________________________________              __________________________________

Marcia Kampling, Board President                                   Dawn M Hampel, Board Clerk


Cheney USD 268

2017-2018 Fees



Instructional Materials:


Pre-K Tuition Based                                                      $ 125.00

Kindergarten                                                                 $   90.00

Grades 1-5                                                                    $   90.00

Grades 6-8                                                                    $   90.00

Grades 9-12                                                                  $   90.00


High School Athletic Annual Participation Fee:                 $  50.00

High School Activity Annual Fee:                                    $  10.00

Middle School Athletic Annual Participation Fee:             $  30.00


Instrumental Rental:

Grades 5-12                                                                  $  60.00



Driver Education Fee:

CHS Student                                                                 $ 200.00

Cheney USD 268 Adult                                                  $ 200.00

Out-of-District Student                                                   $ 400.00



Meal Prices:


            Grades K-5                                                       $    1.25

            Grades 6-12                                                      $    1.25

            *Adult                                                               $    1.80


            Grades K-5                                                       $    2.60

            Grades 6-8                                                        $    2.80

            Grades 9-12                                                      $    2.85

            *Adult                                                               $    3.60


            Pre-K                                                                $  24.00 per Semester

            Kindergarten:                                                    $  31.50 per Semester

            Grade 1:                                                           $  31.50 per Semester

            Extra:                                                               $      .35 per Carton




            ES                                                                    $  15.00

            MS                                                                   $  15.00

            HS                                                                    $  30.00            $35.00 after 1/1/18



Mileage Reimb:                                                                    .53.5/mile



Substitute Teachers:                                                    $  90.00 per day paid in 2 hour increments














The district’s meal charging requirements are as follows:


·         All accounts must be positive to start the school year. Past debt will be collected at enrollment.


·         Students cannot go negative more than 5 meals at any time during the year.


·         Any student receiving free or reduced priced meals and orders extra entrée’s, the free/reduced meal program does not cover those extra entrées. Those students will be required to pay for extra entrees.


·         Any student failing to keep his/her account solvent as required by the district, shall not be allowed to charge further meals until the negative account balance has been paid in full.


·         Students may not charge meals during the month of May.


·         After an initial follow up with the parent, past due balance will be sent to collections.


·         Students, parents and guardians are encouraged to prepay meal costs.



The district will provide a copy of this unpaid meal policy to all households at or before the start of school each year and to families and students that transfer into the district at the time of transfer. The terms of this policy will also be communicated to all district staff responsible for enforcing any aspect of the policy. Records of how and when it is communicated to households and staff will be retained.