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May 14 2018 Minutes



CHS Library

Monday May 14, 2018

7:00 PM Regular Meeting





President Marcia Kampling called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were Jarrod Bartlett, Brandt Ditgen, Jason Gregory, Julie Peintner, Rusty Slusser and Matt Voth.  Also present were David Grover, Superintendent; Greg Rosenhagen, CHS Principal; Ron Orsak, CMS Principal; Sherri Conrad, CES Principal; Todd Hague, Activities Director; Lori Kutilek, Director of Teaching and Learning and Dawn Hampel, Board Clerk.


2.         PUBLIC FORUM

            No patrons were present.



            It was moved by Brandt Ditgen and seconded by Jarrod Bartlett to approve the agenda as            presented.  Motion carried   7-0



            It was moved by Jason Gregory and seconded by Matt Voth to approve the consent agenda as    presented.  Motion carried   7-0

·         Minutes of April 9, 2018 Regular Meeting

·         Payment of Bills

·         Van Dewey Family donation to FFA - $1,000

·         Continue with the Kingman Co. Neighborhood Revitalization Program

·         Buckley Roofing repair at CES quote for $13,712




              May 2 was community service projects day

              The Senior Trip was on May 2

              The Fine Arts Banquet was held on May 4 with a meal catered by the Culinary Arts Class

              At the KSHSAA Board of Directors meeting on April 27, they approved a one-week summer      moratorium. This week long moratorium will include July 4th.

              The half day of Professional Development on May 21 will be led by the A+ team.  This is the     end of our 3-year pilot. The program still lacks a funding mechanism.

              We will begin checking students out after lunch on May 18.

              The District will begin on-line enrollment this summer.

              The Administrative team is making plans for our Professional Development days next school    year.

              With our PDC plan expiring in July, the committee will be meeting to revise the plan.



              Kingman HS would like to start a wrestling program and has a few kids at this time that would   like to wrestle.  They would like to enter into a Coop agreement with us.

              JV Baseball, V Baseball and V Softball have hosted games at the Sports Complex.

              The final Band concert of the year was excellent

              The Pop Concert was well attended and was very entertaining

              Golf finished 2nd in the CPL on Tuesday at Tallgrass and will play Regional at Hesston on        May 14th

              Track is competing at League in Belle Plaine, Regional will be held at Cimarron on May 18th

            ● Softball finished 17-3, first in league and #1 seed in Regional

              Baseball finished 17-3, first in league and #1 seed in Regional



              The vocal concert and 5-8 band concert was held on May 1

              Our 8th grade girls took 1st place in the league track meet.

              The 8th grade career fair was great.

              A golf benefit was held on Saturday May 5th for Cooper Kitchen.

              7th grade had their annual field trip to Topeka on May 9th

              8th grade had their community service day on May 9th and they helped CES with their field       day

              6th grade had their annual overnight camping trip on May 10th

              Our BLT has made all the final preparations and arrangements for our last week of school.

              May 17th we will have the 8th grade awards / recognition assembly at 9am in the auditorium.

              May 18th is the last day of school. We will have an awards assembly for 7th grade at 8:15am    and one for 6th grade at 10am.



              Our 4-year old preschool is classified as an At-Risk Community Based 4-year old Preschool.    We have requested 30 grant slots from the state department. Our grant has been submitted and     is pending along with all other submitted grants in the state of Kansas.

              This year our preschool screening was held on April 18th and 19th. Thirty-nine students have   been screened.

              All CES teacher vacancies have been filled at this time

              The third grade teachers hosted a highly successful Craft Fair in April.

              CES hosted a Science Fair for grades 3-5.

              Approximately 700 parents and students attended the elementary art show this past week.

              I introduced Mrs. Waltrip to the students this past week. We visited each classroom and she     answered questions students had to help with the new transition.

              The fifth grade students attended sixth grade orientation at the middle school.

              Track and Field Day was a big success and enjoyed by all even with the heat!

              The last week of school will be busy with award celebrations and our final Challenge Coin         Assembly.

              We will also host farewell celebrations for staff members who are leaving on Thursday, May     17th and on Monday, May 21st.

              PLD will follow the celebrations on May 21st with the last work day on May 22nd.



              K-5 AIMSweb+ benchmark testing for year 2017-2018 in Reading and Math is complete.

              Our final FAB family event for the year was May 4th.

              Our student survey is being conducted this week and next week.

              State assessments are complete and results will be coming sometime in May.

              Our annual retirement/goodbye celebration for members of CES that are leaving us at the end of the year will be May 17th after school. We say goodbye to: Sherri Conrad, Wendy Wiens, Jeanette Landwehr, Darrin SanRomani, Isaac Shue, Jerry Feese, Angela Baggs, Carla Ewy,            Heather Watson and Niki Jordan. All will be missed and we wish them the best in the next     chapter of their journey.

              Our professional development day on May 21st will focus on our end of the year data for KESA            in relationships and we will begin to analyze our needs assessment for Relevance and begin the      goal setting process for next year.


6.         BOE REPORTS

            Jason Gregory attended the Special Education Cooperative meeting in April.  He reported that      the Cooperative has hired their own attorney.

            Julie Peintner received a 2018 Certificate of Achievement for Boardsmanship for attending the      KASB Conference in December.




            At 7:20 pm it was moved by Matt Voth and seconded by Jason Gregory to enter into executive     session for the purpose of discussing personal matters of non-elected personnel       under *KOMA,   to protect the privacy interests of the individual(s) to be discussed, except that any such person shall have the right to a public hearing if requested by that person, because if these matters were         discussed in open session it might invade the privacy of those discussed and to protect the      privacy rights of an employee who is identifiable and that the Board resumed open session in this   room at 7:50 pm.  (Present were BOE members and the Superintendent)   Motion carried   7-0


            *KOMA – Kansas Open Meetings Act


            The Board resumed open session at 7:50 pm.



            It was moved by Jason Gregory and seconded by Matt Voth to accept the following resignations:             Motion carried    7-0


                        Lisa Terry – CMS Aide

                        Darrin San Romani – CES 5th grade teacher

                        Isaac Shue – CES/MS Art teacher

                        Heather Watson – CES Head Cook

                        Piper Verity – CES Dishwasher

                        Rebecca Smith – CMS/HS lunch scanner

                        Colin Sutter – MS Wrestling Coach


            It was moved by Rusty Slusser and seconded by Jarrod Bartlett to accept the following job           offerings:              Motion carried   7-0


                        Deana Waltrip – CES Principal

                        Jennifer Riggins – 6th grade Communications teacher

                        Tammy Cook – CES 2nd grade teacher

                        Emily Hageman – CES 3rd grade teacher

                        Katelyn Graber – CES 4th grade teacher

                        Brittany Dome – CES 5th grade teacher

                        Shannon Monson – CES/MS Art teacher

                        Kim Bachard – CMS/HS night custodian

                        Heidi Wells – Food Service Director

                        Megan Pipkin – CMS Assistant Girls Basketball Coach

                        Bill Block – HS Assistant Football Coach

                        Travis Self – CMS Head Football Coach


            It was moved by Julie Peintner and seconded by Jarrod Bartlett to accept the following job           transfers:                         Motion carried   7-0


                        Jenny Murray – from CES teacher to CES Library Media Specialist

                        Jerry Feese – from CES Head Maint/Custodian to Director of Buildings and Grounds


9.         ADJOURNMENT

            President Marcia Kampling adjourned the meeting at 7:51 pm.





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Marcia Kampling, Board President                                  Dawn M Hampel, Board Clerk