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September 11 2017 Minutes



CHS Library

Monday September 11, 2017

7:00 PM Regular Meeting





President Marcia Kampling called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Members present were Jarrod Bartlett, Jason Gregory, Rusty Slusser and Matt Voth.  Member Brandt Ditgen was absent.  Also present were David Grover, Superintendent; Greg Rosenhagen, CHS Principal; Ron Orsak, CMS Principal; Sherri Conrad, CES Principal; Jodi Grover, Director of CCR; Lori Kutilek, Director of Teaching and Learning and Dawn Hampel, Board Clerk.


2.         PUBLIC FORUM

            No patrons were present.



It was moved by Jason Gregory and seconded by Matt Voth approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried   6-0



It was moved by Rusty Slusser and seconded by Jarrod Bartlett to approve the consent agenda as presented.  Motion carried    6-0


·         Minutes of August 14, 2017 Regular Meeting

·         Minutes of August 28, 2017 Special Meeting

·         Payment of Bills

·         Approval of Out-of-District students

·         Approval of Building Leadership Teams (BLT) for KESA

·         Approval of Building SITE Council Teams (BSC) for KESA



            Transportation Director Mark Rosenhagen updated the Board on:

·         Lack of driver’s and sub’s

·         The difficulty in filling these positions

·         They run about 15+/- routes each day / regular and Special Education

·         This year changes have been made to some of the Special Education routes

·         The condition of all of the district vehicles and mileage

·         Will need to be replacing buses within the next 2-3 years



            Teacher Stacy DeVore and CCR Director Jodi Grover shared with the Board the progress being   made with the new FFA program.  They discussed:

·         Curriculum / Information / Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE)

·         Student interest inventory

·         Fundraising – food sales / hired hand auction

·         Class field trips

            DeVore has been making a lot of contacts and networking to get the program off to a great           start. Grover applied for and received a grant from DuPont Pioneer for the program in the amount        of $1,500.



            Superintendent’s Report:

            Discussed with the Board the progress being made regarding KESA


            Greg Rosenhagen, High School Principal

            CHS Past Events:

          Congratulations to Randy Leroux, Courtney Ast, Renee Teague, and Shawny Montgomery who    were awarded $100 grants through the Adopt-A-School fund.

          Thanks to Jason Gregory for kicking off our PRIDE WEEK at a brief assembly on Tuesday,          September 5. Wednesday was “Dress for Success” day and we had some very professional      looking folks in the building.

          Thanks also to Cardinal Club for their efforts with the Block Party and those who donated to the

            Gatorade for the scrimmages.

          I have observed a number of classrooms and will continue to do so throughout the year. Mr.         Wehrman has been a great addition and holds high expectations for his students.

          Than Underwood’s brother Tim died as a result of severe burns from an explosion in El Dorado    Monday morning. I attended the funeral at Andale on Friday. Please keep Than and his family in   your prayers.


            CHS Upcoming Events:

          Student enrollments will be recorded on Wednesday, September 20th. At that time, we will turn in             our student count and will soon know what classification we will fall within. Unless something unforeseen occurs, we will almost certainly remain in Class 3A and be joined by a host of schools    who will drop from 4A to 3A. Todd and I will be attending a meeting on October 3 to finalize our football schedules for the next two-year cycle.

          The Band will be attending the State Fair again on Wednesday, September 13.

          I will be attending the KSHSAA Board of Directors meeting Wednesday afternoon and early          evening.

          Chief Winter has arranged to have several K-9 units here later this month for a sweep. We have   not done a search in the 1st semester for quite some time.

          Plans for Homecoming have begun.

He also shared with the Board his staffs Weekly Relationship Goals


            Ron Orsak, Middle School Principal

            CMS Past Events:

*           Great two weeks since last report. Students and staff have settled into a routine and are feeling    comfortable with each other. Students know expectations and are meeting or exceeding them.

*           To build on the porch visits and continue building and/or maintaining positive relationships,           teachers are encouraged to make three positive contacts a week. These can be via email, phone,        face-to-face, or US mail. I’m happy to report 72 positive contacts were made between the first             school day and August 31st. We don’t have 100% full participation, but other staff have picked up      the slack. To go along with this, Mrs. Patterson and I send out at least 3 tweets a day. Most come         with pictures or video of the students and the great things going on at CMS.

*           Seminar classes are also tracking student success. The three factors being calculated are            missing assignments, organization, and keeping up with their agenda or Google calendar.

*           We had our first pep rally, Thursday, September 7th. Mrs. Murray did a great job putting it            together, and I feel it went well.

*           Big thanks to Linda Patterson and Debbie Hillman for PRIDE week. My favorite day was   Wednesday when numerous of our students “Dressed for Success.” They either dressed up, or        came dressed for a career they wanted to pursue.


            CMS Upcoming Events

*           AIMS Web testing continues to have technical glitches. Huge thanks again to Mrs. Kutilek for all   her help and advice. When you read this, we should have all three grade levels tested in math and reading.

*           I will be out of the office Tuesday, 9/12, morning for principal professional learning at ESSDACK, and all day Thursday, 9/14, for crisis training. Before leaving for the crisis training, we will hold our     first monthly CMS staff meeting.

*           Otherwise, I just plan on being out in the building and classrooms seeing our teachers continue    to push our students to achieve more than they believe they can.

*           He also shared with the Board his staffs Relationship Progress and the incentives he uses to        created staff / student bonds.


            Sherri Conrad, Elementary School Principal

            CES Past Events:

*           On September 1st, I hosted my first Principal’s Birthday Party celebration with students who had   August birthdays. I enjoyed passing out the invitations to the students the day before the party,    decorating the party room, and making sure the cupcakes were all ready! During the party, it was     a joy to visit with the students in a small group. They told me all about their favorites! Jenna        Jacobs told me that one of her Kindergarten students was so excited about the party that he

            carried his invitation around all morning just waiting for the party to get started! I also had lots of   students checking to make sure I was going to host a party for each month! I’m pleased with the    excitement this has stirred in the students.

*           Nicole Vulgamore is currently on a leave of absence to take care of her mom, Ginger Easter, who             has a brain tumor. Stephanie Rogerson has been hired by the COOP to sub for Nicole Vulgamore. Stephanie is a former special education teacher and will be able to complete the           tasks of a special education teacher. Our special education para needs continue to grow to meet   the needs of our students. This week, the COOP hired an additional full time para, Brittany    Reeder. This brings our para total to 6 full-time paras and we are in need of 9. To help meet the             needs, the COOP is tapping into our substitute bank at the elementary school and they have        hired several substitutes to serve in this capacity. Slowly, we are getting the coverage which is necessary to meet the needs of our special education students. We are working closely

            with the behavior specialist, Gail Bauer, to assist with behavioral concerns we are experiencing    with some of our special education students.

*           Wednesday, we had our first Building Leadership Team Meeting. The meeting was opened with   the song, “Tell Me Something Good.” Members of the BLT shared good things which were happening in their classrooms or lives. This activity will be carried out during faculty meetings as            well. It’s so uplifting to hear all about the GOOD! The main focus of the meeting was to discuss           how the staff would continue encouraging positive relationships with students and each other.

            The team had an inspiring discussion about the impact of their wildly important goals and the        possibility of implementing classroom meetings to teach social/emotional skills and build positive         relationships with peers. The evaluation/observation process is in full swing at CES! I appreciated        the time, energy and effort each teacher puts forth to create engaging lessons, encourage growth        mindsets, and develop positive relationships with students. Being present in each classroom is        definitely a highlight of my day!

*           Our students participated in PRIDE Week this past week. Students enjoyed revisiting what           PRIDE stands for by watching PRIDE video clips produced by school and community members

            and by participating in PRIDE BINGO. Click to check out our awesome PRIDE VIDEOS.  A big     shout out to Ms. Long for planning our activities!


            CES Upcoming Events

*           I will be attending the Principals’ PLC meetings this year at ESSDACK to network once a month   with other elementary principals. Our first meeting is Tuesday, September 12th in the morning.

            I’m looking forward to learning and growing from other principals from the surrounding areas.

            Ms. Long and I will be attending the General Education Intervention training on Friday,     September 15th which is provided by the Special Education COOP.

*           The September 25th Professional Learning Day has been designated as an Individual      Professional Learning Day. Each teacher's’ plan must focus on new learning and growth            opportunities. The teachers will submit their professional growth plans to the administrative team       for approval.

*           Mrs. Tolar and Ms. Long have joined forces to provide morning options for students. From 7:40

            -7:50 each morning, the students can enter the school and choose between going to the multipurpose room to chat with the counselor or head outside for a walking/running club with Mrs.         Tolar. The addition of the walking/running club has been well received by the students. Many          thanks to both of these ladies for providing fun opportunities for kids! In addition to these           activities, the fifth grade safety patrol students are now actively helping patrol the sidewalks and            crosswalk! Their assistance is greatly appreciated as well. The traffic flow has been very smooth      this year!

*           We are in the MONEY! Jenny Murray was awarded a $500 check from Scholastic Book Club to    purchase classroom books. Lori Kutilek was awarded $1500 from Dollar General Literacy    Foundation. The funds will purchase Kindles and audio books for reluctant readers. Christy     Tackett, Michelle Thomas, Kara Cooper, Annie Jones, Lori Kutilek, Laurie Thisius, Paula Sears,       Jenny Murray, Lori Rosenhagen, and Amy Meyer were awarded $100 from Rusty Eck’s Adopt a      School Program. Marilyn Keller was selected to work at the golf tournament sponsored by Rusty    Eck; therefore, she was awarded $200. All of these teachers will be using the awarded money      towards classroom purchases.


            Lori Kutilek, Elementary Teaching and Learning Director

            CES Past Events:

          AIMS web testing is complete. This will give us benchmark data on both Reading and Math. Tech

            glitches kept me hopping, but troubleshooting prevailed and we are complete.

          Brooke Winter and the Reading paras have completed the PAST and QPS assessments on our

            K-5 students. The Take Flight program will begin soon.

          Each grade level has completed their team goals for this year. We will focus on these during our

            curriculum days.

          New teachers have been trained in the AIMS web+ program as well as guided reading and are     ready to implement into the classroom.


            CES Upcoming Events

          Curriculum and professional learning days begin next week. Teachers will spend the day learning             and planning innovative units aligned to the Common Core standards for their grade level.      Learning about guided math and hands on math is on the docket for this year’s focus. We will also continue to implement Pathways and guided reading with fidelity as we are in our 2nd year     since retraining.

          “Tell me something good!” To keep the positive energy flowing, each staff member will share a     success prior to each data meeting as well as before each staff meeting.

          As teachers develop their personal professional learning goals, I will be researching, gathering     and helping teachers gain knowledge and instructional strategies to help them on their journey.           September 25th is our first individual professional learning day for the year.

          ESSDACK provides a professional learning cohort group for Curriculum leaders. I attend once      monthly to collaborate with other district leaders to bring the best of ideas back to CES.

          Relationships continue to be a focus for all of us at CES. At the BLT meeting, we analyzed the      data from our student surveys last spring. We are currently in the process of reviewing our        personal relationship goals and brainstorming ideas to keep our relationships strong between      teacher/student, teacher/parent, school/community and student/student.


            Brad Buscher, Technology Director

            Technology Upcoming Events

            The USD 268 school district has upgraded almost every aspect of its networking and controlling   servers. This process was spread out over 2 summers of work utilizing ERATE as a main funding         source.  Summer one, we upgraded the network backbone and wireless infrastructure of all             buildings except the district office (DO). This gave us new switches and some much needed   wireless access points in key areas of the building and newly constructed areas of our facility.             The DO was not upgraded as the equipment there was still adequate for the amount of network         activity demanded.  Summer two, we upgraded our main server stack. This server houses all the        student data, accounting data, and the network command and control. With this upgrade, many of            our old Virtual Machines (VMs), we were able to upgrade from software as old as 2000 to the             newest updated versions giving us more security and functionality. However, with this upgrade      came some challenges in some areas that were unanticipated.

            1) The DO old network gear was no longer stable with new networking controls provided by the    upgraded servers.

            2) The VM responsible for managing computer addresses was also not stable. The instability        could have been caused by several things including but not limited to: DDOS attack, misconfiguration, power failure, glitch in the OS after a restore from backup, etc. At this point it is       better to move forward instead of try and repair the VM.  The results of these two issues have             caused numerous network outages for those in the DO and anyone using wireless (most of the      district’s users).

            Resolution:  We have ordered an upgraded switch for the DO that will bring it up to standards that             meet or exceeded those of the network upgrade from summer 2016. We completely removed the          VM and started from scratch. We built in better failover functionality to reduce the impact of future        outages. There are now two VM’s that share the responsibility of the network address distribution          and if one fails the other one picks right up and handles the address requests.  The IT department          strives to provide the best service possible to the district and I believe we have some of the major         kinks worked out of the new system. Should, in the unfortunate event further issues arise, we will

            address them in the quickest way possible.


8.         BOE REPORTS

            Marcia Kampling reported on the Special Education Coop news.  The teachers accepted their       Negotiated Agreement and their meeting this week will be held in the new Mt. Hope facility.   Kampling will be attending the meeting.



            At 8:44 pm Matt Voth moved, seconded by Van Dewey, for the Board to enter into executive session   for the purpose of discussing the acquisition of real property under *KOMA to protect the district’s right          to confidentiality of its negotiating position and in negotiating a fair and equitable contract and that the         Board return to open session in this room at 8:49 pm.  Motion carried  6-0      (Present were the BOE      members and the Superintendent)


The Board resumed open session at 8:49 pm.


            At 8:49 pm Jason Gregory, seconded by Jarrod Bartlett, for the Board to enter into executive session for the purpose of discussing personal matters of non-elected personnel exception under *KOMA to protect the privacy interests of the individual(s) to be discussed, except that any such person shall have the right to a public hearing if requested by that person because if these matters were discussed    in open session it might invade the privacy of those discussed and to protect the privacy rights of an    employee who is identifiable and that the Board return to open session in this room at 8:50 pm.  Motion       carried   6-0   (Present were the BOE members and the Superintendent)


The Board resumed open session at 8:50 pm.


            *KOMA – Kansas Open Meetings Act



            It was moved by Jason Gregory and seconded by Van Dewey to approve the following job offerings:    Motion carried     6-0

                        Alisha Martin                 CHS/CMS Night Custodian

                        Kristyn Riley                  CES Library Aide / Lunch Clerk

                        Tracy Lanham                CES Dishwasher

                        Lisa Terry                      MS Secretary Sub  / MS/HS Lunchroom Monitor


11.        ADJOURNMENT

            President Marcia Kampling adjourned the meeting at 8:52 pm.




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Marcia Kampling, Board President                                   Dawn M Hampel, Board Clerk