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January 14 2019 Minutes



CHS Library

Monday January 14, 2019

7:00 pm Regular Meeting





President Marcia Kampling called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.  Members present were Jarrod Bartlett, Brandt Ditgen, Julie Peintner, Rusty Slusser and Matt Voth. Member Jason Gregory was absent. Also present were David Grover, Superintendent; Greg Rosenhagen, CHS Principal; Deana Waltrip, CES Principal; Todd Hague, Activities Director and Asst. HS Principal; Ron Orsak, CMS Principal; Lori Kutilek, Director of Teaching and Learning; Jodi Grover, CCR Director and Kelly Walters, Deputy Board Clerk.


2.         PUBLIC FORUM

No patrons were present.



It was moved by Rusty Slusser and seconded by Julie Peintner to revise the agenda with the addition of item number 5.    Motion carried 6-0


Member Jason Gregory arrived at 7:05




            It was moved by Matt Voth and seconded by Jarrod Bartlett to approve the consent agenda          as presented.  Motion carried 7-0

·         Minutes of December 10, 2018 Regular Meeting

·         Payment of Bills

·         Classified Handbook Changes

·         Friend of Education Award:  Former Board member, Wanda Wiechman, was the recipient of this year’s award. Wanda was a long time board member, attends most all events at Cheney USD 268 as well as volunteers her time to help where needed. Thank you to Wanda for all she does for our district. 




Mrs. Waltrip, Principal; and Jeanine Long, Counselor; presented to the Board information about The Zones of Regulation, a curriculum to help students gain skills in the area of self-management and impulse control.  



6.         KASB Policy Updates

JCAC (Interrogation and investigations)-corrected typo

JCDAA (Tobacco and Nicotine Delivery Devices) adds all devices (vaping, etc)

GAOC (see above-for staff also)

It was moved by Jason Gregory and seconded by Brandt Ditgen to approve the updates. Motion carried 7-0






Greg Rosenhagen, High School Principal

CHS Past Events:

      The “flex” work day seemed to be well received allowing staff to work on January 2 or commit to working a different day over break.

      Grade reports from the first semester have been mailed.

      I attended a Curriculum leaders meeting on Friday at ESSDACK. Lori K. has consistently gone but was unable to attend due to her teaching responsibility.

      We have held two blood drives this year, most recently this past Thursday. The fall drive was our best ever but we were a little thinner on Thursday.

      We were privileged to have 2 practicing instrumental music teachers from K-State spend this past week in our District.  I had received a call several months back wanting to place them under Mr. Johnson for observation.  You may have seen one or both direct the band at the game Friday night.

      Congratulations to Kelsey (Spanish teacher) and Carlos Perez on the birth of a daughter. Luciana Inez was born Sunday night.

CHS Upcoming Events:

      We have a number of students who will be participating in the CPL Honor Band & Choir Concert at Belle Plaine this Saturday. Sixteen vocalists will be attending along with 11 instrumentalists.  

      The Junior class sponsors and Junior class officers are working through a few issues in regards to the Prom location.  I believe we will end up making that change but have a few details to work through before being certain.

      We are actively looking for some willing Cardinal Club officers. Tiffany Cole has done an outstanding job the last few years but is ready to turn over to someone else.  We do not have great “active” participation in the Cardinal Club but are hopeful to find some leaders for that organization.

      State Assessments have all been scheduled and will begin in March. Thanks to Lori Kutilek for training the building principals, who will in turn train the test administrators in the coming two weeks.


Todd Hague, High School Assistant Principal/AD:

Past Events:

      Plenty of activity to start the new year!

      We have two students, Alyssa Pearce and Mason Woodworth, that qualified for Two Speaker State Debate that will compete Friday and Saturday in Fort Scott.

      Bowling season has begun. We have 13 boys and 4 girls out for the team. Connor Eastman was the #2 individual at Hutchinson on Tuesday and the boys won the Baker event.

      The wrestlers traveled to Ellsworth last Saturday (5:30am leave time) and had 4 medalists at the tournament

      Boys basketball is 7-2 and ranked 4th in 3A by the Kansas Coaches. The sub varsity teams are also both undefeated!

      Girls basketball is 9-0 and ranked 3rd in 3A by the Kansas Coaches.      

      MS Basketball season is wrapping up. League finishes were: 7th girls 2nd, 7th boys 1st, 8th girls 3rd (tie), 8th boys 8th. All four of the teams are in quarterfinal action Thursday, with semis on Saturday at Garden Plain and Finals on Monday at Conway Springs.

      Football helmet recertification process is complete. We had 103 helmets in inventory (7th-12th) and sent 62 off for reconditioning where they will be cleaned, polished, inspected for defects and certified to be safe for continued use.

CHS Upcoming Events:

      The CPL Honors Concert will be Saturday at Belle Plaine. We have a strong group of vocalists and musicians attending

      The Band Mattress Fundraiser will be Saturday the 19th

      Cheney boys are #2 at Halstead tournament and play Tuesday night vs Winfield

      JV Girls CPL Tourney is next week, Cheney is the #1 seed


Mr. Hague also spoke about the need for blue wind screens for the fence at the ball diamonds.


Ron Orsak, Middle School Principal:

CMS Past Events:

      We completed the second round of AIMS testing in December. We do this three times a year, and it gives us the opportunity to compare “apples to apples” and see what growth has taken place. This data and teacher input helps us identify our students who require additional help in math and language arts. The identified students will receive a weekly enrichment lesson during seminar time. This is all part of the Multi-Tiered Support System or MTSS.

      The end of the season league basketball tournament has started and will be completed on Monday.

      Several neat things are going on in classes. Our teachers are being very innovative, stepping out of their comfort zone, and trying some new things. Mrs. Rohloff and Mrs. Weber are working with the Cheney public library to have the 8th grade students help prepare an informational display on the Holocaust and WWII. The students can work individually or in a group and pick an aspect of the topic to research and then create some way to share or display what they discover. This is a great example of Project Based Learning and allowing students to be in charge of their learning.

      Mr. Grover, the teachers and I are also completing our book study of Culturize by Jimmy Casas. We have used Google docs to share our thoughts and insights from the book with each other. This is not as good as meeting face to face, but it is a nice alternative when shared time is not available.

CMS Upcoming Events:

      Wrestling, Scholars Bowl, and Battle of the Books will all start competitions in the next two weeks. Band and vocal students are beginning to prepare for solo and ensemble contest, which occurs later in the semester.

      Chief Winter will wrap up the 8th grade DARE class on Friday, January 25th with pizza and bowling at D’Marios.

      Mrs. Riggins is directing the 8th grade play this year. Auditions for roles will begin next week.


Deana Waltrip, Elementary School Principal

CES Past Events:

      I did not see any issues with the flex day.  Staff reported to me when they planned to work so I could account for the work day.  It was about half and half.

      We have completed AIMSweb testing and of course grade card testing.  We will continue to review the data and find where we need to make improvements in our Tier 1 core curriculum and instruction.

      Grade cards were printed by classroom teachers and sent home in the students Friday folder today 1/11/2019.  Mailed copies were only sent to “second mailing” recipients (ex-spouses living elsewhere).

      Staff members selected to move to the Zones of Regulation model and therefore our BLT (Building Leadership Team) constructed a zones of regulation kick off activity.  We did the following activities:

      Each grade watched the movie “Inside out” and then completed the lesson that was provided for them to tie in to the different Zones of Regulation. 

      Then on Friday, during Fab Family, we did another activity playing Bingo with the zones of regulation.

      The BLT team will continue to provide Zones of Regulation lessons periodically throughout the remainder of this school year so it is a continual learning process.

CES Upcoming Events:

      On Monday, Lori and I will be attending a Data Training in Goddard.

      Dare is coming close to an end and the final writing project is occurring.







Lori Kutilek, Elementary Teaching and Learning Director

CES Past Events:

      The kick off for the Zones of Regulation went well on January 3rd. The whole staff and students worked through the first lesson to identify emotions and daily situations that make us feel in different ways. We will continue our social emotional lessons on self-regulation throughout the semester.

      AIMSweb+ benchmark testing is complete for both reading and math. Gains were made in all areas, but greatest gains have been in Math. We will make intervention adjustments in reading for second semester to meet the needs of our learners. Progress monitoring has been set to see if our interventions are being successful.

CES Upcoming Events:

      Deana Waltrip and I will attend a conference on Monday, Jan. 14th on the power of analyzing and utilizing data to drive instruction. We are excited to see what more we can do with the data we collect and how we can use it to better serve kids and meet their needs.

      5th grade and 2nd grade will have their Curriculum Planning days next week where we will dig deeper into our AIMSweb+ data in both reading and math to see where individuals need targeted help.


Jodi Grover, College and Career Director

CCR Past events:

      We are working diligently on Individual Plans of Study for each student concentrating on preparation for the March Student-Led Conference.  See the activities and schedule:  (Click on Link) CHS IPS Framework.

      We are preparing ALL seniors for life after high school.  All seniors met on January 4th with Mrs. Grover to cover resume writing, interviewing activities and scheduling job interviews which will take place during conferences in March.  Mrs. Grover sent out the following letter to the Chamber for business/industry volunteers to interview students during March 4-5.  (Click on Link) SENIOR INTERVIEW AND RESUME REVIEW INVITATION

      We would love for any of the board members to volunteer to interview seniors on March 4th or 5th.  If you are interested please sign up here:  (Click on Link)

      Mrs. Hillman and Mrs. Grover used their Flex Day to update the Counseling/College & Career Link on website.  This is a work in progress to combine the two separate pages into one section.  Enrollment, post-secondary, career and mental health resources will be available when the pages are complete. 

CCR Upcoming Events:

      IPS Activities and 2019-2020 Enrollment

      January 18, February 4, February 8, February 25

      February 20 - ALL JUNIORS ACT TESTING


      ACT WorkKeys® assessments are the cornerstone of ACT workforce solutions. The assessments measure foundational skills required for success in the workplace, and help measure the workplace skills that can affect job performance.

Individuals who successfully complete the three WorkKeys assessments—Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents—earn the WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate® (WorkKeysNCRC®), a valuable credential for students and job seekers seeking to verify foundational workplace skills.


8.         BOE REPORTS

Member Julie Peintner attended the monthly Goddard Special Ed Cooperative meeting in December.









At 8:02pm Matt Voth moved, seconded by Jarrod Bartlett, for the Board to enter into executive session for the purpose of discussing personal matters of non-elected personnel             exception under *KOMA to protect the privacy interests of the individual(s) to be discussed, except that any such person shall have the right to a public hearing if requested by that person because if these matters were discussed in open session it might invade the privacy of those discussed and to protect the privacy rights of an employee who is identifiable and that the Board return to open session in this room at 8:50pm. Motion carried 7-0  (Present were the BOE members and the Superintendent)


            The Superintendent left Executive Session at 8:16pm.


            The Superintendent returned to Executive Session at 8:34pm.


The Board resumed open session at 8:50pm.


            *KOMA – Kansas Open Meetings Act



It was moved by Brandt Ditgen and seconded by Jarrod Bartlett to approve the following job resignations/offerings:   Motion carried 7-0


            Resignation: Barb Laverentz, CES Para

            Offering: Rachel Hudson, PreK Para

            Renewal: David Grover, Superintendent, 2-year contract



11.        ADJOURNMENT

            President Marcia Kampling adjourned the meeting at 9:04pm.





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Marcia Kampling, Board President                                              Kelly Walters, Deputy Board Clerk