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Web Page Design

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What We Do

We learn the concepts of creating a webpage. Then we are assigned a webpage on the Cheney website to update or create.

Dreamweaver Coding

What We Learned What It Does Coding
Headings Heading and sub-heading elements provide structure to a web page. <h1> Heading </h1>
Paragraphs Page content goes here. <p> paragraph</p>
Breaks Seperates content on the page. <br />
Line Breaks Seperates content with a line <hr />
Links Takes you to different pages or a different page on the same site. <a href=""></a>
Images Pictures <img src=""/>
Tables Organize content into columns and rows

<table><tr><td>row 1 column 1</td></tr></table>

Unordered list Puts things into list with bullets <ul><li> list item 1</li></ul>
Ordered list Puts things into list with numbers <ol><li> list item 1</li></ol>
Div Basic building block when laying out a page design <div> Div</div>

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