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Career & Life Skills Class Schedule

 Date Assignment
10/231-100/Goals/Course Syllabus/Goal Sheet/Interest Inventory/Career Quiz/Career Research WS
10/25 Math MinefieldCareer Quiz/Career Research WS
10/30 Goals/Syllabus Due!!/Job by Head Gear/Share 1 occupation from Career WS (if done)/Sporcle Category /Hand out Parent Interview/Fantasy FB spreadsheet
11/1 Career Research WS Due/Typing Challenge/Share occupation on Career WS & Parent Interviews/Career Clusters/Communications & Information Systems job selection
11/3States/Sporcle.com (pick 1 quiz)/Excel project (Fantasy Football)/Google Slides w/occupation CIS
11/7 & 11/9ABC's /Google slides w/occupations CIS/Create Bingo Cards (2)/Simon Says!!
11/13Goals/Youngest to Oldest/Present Parent Interviews & CIS presentations/Body Language
 11/17 Typing Challenge II/Set-up Virtual Business Account/CIS Presentations/Check Bingo Cards/Select & Work on Marketing, Tourism, Business occupation (Google Slides-clues/hints)
 11/21 Goals/Pre-Test-Simulation Tutorial/Math Concepts/Complete Marketing, Tourism, Business presentation
 11/28 Goals/
 12/4 Goals/VB Lesson -Time Management & Health
 12/12 Goals/VB Lesson - Finding a Job
12/18Goals/VB Lesson - Education & Advancement
 12/20 Semester Ends

 5 CIS presentations/Complete Human Services presentations/Battleship Project (game boards)
Incredibox/Bingo & Battleship Games/
 Goals/Update Fantasy FB spreadsheets/Set-up Virtual Business Account//Human Services Presentations
 Goals/Update FB stats/Finish VB Lesson/Select Business, Management, and Admin occupation (Charades)
3 Fears of Entering HS (Email)/ VB Lesson - Time Management & Health
 Goals/Update FB stats/Business, Management, and Admin presentations (Charades)
 Submit Goal Sheet & Spreadsheet/Complete any unfinished VB Lessons
    Math Minefield/Thanksgiving Typing Challenge/Thanksgiving/Update Fantasy FB/Excel Bingo
 Goals/Update BB Fantasy Stats/Complete Sporcle Challenge
 Finish Sporcle Challenge/Start Battleship Project w/Partners
  Reading Time - Check grades & assignments/Payroll WS
 Payroll WS
 Payroll WS
 US Presidents/Update BB Stats/Start Shopping List (10 items/pic of item/where purchased/how much $1,000 - $10,000)


Student Sporcle category quiz/Excel & Pages Shopping Spreadsheet (10 items/priced/total/average)
 Complete last 5 checks/register for Shopping Spreadsheet/Financial FB or Sporcle Challenge
 Update Fantasy FB stats/Complete Sporcle Challenge spreadsheet/5 Fears of Entering HS (Pages) email when finished
 Goals/Communications & Information Systems job selection/Collect facts & figures/Use Keynote App
 Finish Keynote presentation on Communications & Information Systems occupation
 Salaries/Missing Assignments
Career Clusters/Business, Management & Administration (Partners-Chrades)
 Charades Presentations
 Charades Presentations/Health Science occupation (iMovie)/Class Picture & Puzzle
 Health Science iMovie
 Goals/Health Science iMovie
Human Services iMovie occupation
View Incredibox songs/iMovie
Goals/iMovie presentations (Human Services)
 iMovie presentations (Human Services)

 Last day on 1st tri-semester/Present speeches