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Keyboarding Class Schedule

Date     Assignment
1/4Typing Challenge/Interest Inventory/Syllabus/Keyboard Quiz/Block Letter
1/8Goals Sheet/ Email Interest Inventory/Block Style letter
1/10Syllabus Due/Typing Challenge/Typing.com log-in/J,F,Space lesson/Finish Block Letter/U,R,K lesson
1/14 Goals/Typing Challenge/Finish U,R,K lesson/Bingo Cards (Excel)/D,E,I keys/Submit Block Letter
1/16 Reading TIme/Typing Reflexes/C,G,N keys/Set-Up Sporcle Challenge Tables
1/18 Typing Reflexes/Sporcle Challenge (tables)/Beginner Review lesson
1/23 Goals/States/T,S,L keys/Reading 15 minutes/O,B,A keys
1/25 Speed Math/V,H,M keys/Cardinal Football story
 Goals/Complete & Submit Cardinal FB story/Period & Comma lesson/Sporcle Quizzes
 Typing Challenge II/Beginner Review 2/Sporcle Movies (10 minutes)/W,X,; keys/Reading Time
 Color Typing Challenge/Sporcle Quizzes/Jigidi Crossword Puzzles
 Goals/Minute Math/Q,Y,P keys/Puzzle/Z,Enter Keys/Reading-Homework
 US Presidents/Beginner Wrap-up/Record Beginner Review 1, 2 & Wrap-up WPM/Accuracy %/
Restart Reviews/Wrap-up and reach goals
 Goals (Submit)/Minute Math/Finish Wrap-up and reach goals/Common English Words lesson
 Math Minute Mixed/Easy Home Row Words/Sporcle or Homework
 Goals/Easy Top Row Words/Puzzle/Easy Bottom Row Words
 Math Minute/Shift & Capitalization/Any Typing games on typing.com-Puzzles-Sporcle/Sentences
 Cardinal Puzzle/TypingTest.com minute timings/Lesson Speed Drills
 Goals/Basic Punctuation, Paragraphs, Advanced Punctuation/Catch-Up on any unfinished lessons
Intermediate Wrap-UpIncredibox or Puzzles
 Goals/Typing Challenge III/Intermediate Wrap-Up Review (+3 WPM)/Skill Builder Drills/
Number Letters Numbers
 Reach Intermediate Wrap-Up Goal/Check Beginner & Intermediate level typing lessons/Puzzles,Games,Sporcle,Incredibox
 Goals/Halloween Costumes/HALLOWEEN Scrabble/Jokes & Laughs lesson/Accuracy Drills lesson
 Halloween Typing Challenge/Beginner (2)/Intermediate (2) - Improve each lesson by 2 WPM
 Goals/Nitro Type Content & Advanced Symbols lessons
 A,B,C's - Sentences/Halloween Musical Chairs
 Goals/Thanksgiving Typing Challenge/Complete Ending & Submit Halloween Story/Common Medical Terms lesson
  Thanksgiving/Advanced Wrap-up
Finish Advanced Wrap-Up/Read
Goals/ Composing at the Keyboard - Topic/Subject Story (1 page - 1 inch margins - double spaced)/Catch-up on unfinished lessons
 Keyboard Quadrants lesson/Read or Homework

Goals/Thanksgiving TriviaThe Keys Are Falling lesson
Goals/Numeric Keypad lesson
Finish Keypad lesson/Start Alpha Data Entry lesson
Alphanumeric Data Entry
Goals/Interesting Facts
PUZZLE/Strange Laws
Goals/Paragraph Practice/Reading Time
Dvorak Part 1
Dvorak Part 2/Missing Assignments 
Letter to Santa!