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MS Computer Applications Schedule

MS Computer Applications

1/3 1-100/Syllabus/Interest Survey/Bingo Cards
1/7Typing Challenge/Goal Sheet/Start Career Ed (BLS)/Typing.com (J,F,Space)
Fantasy BB set-up/Complete bingo cards
1/9 Complete Fantasy BB spreadsheet (pick players)/Career Ed WS (BLS)
1/11U,R,K keys (Typing.com)/Finish/Submit Career Ed WS/Pick players and input stats
1/15Goals/ Backwards Typing/Intro Trading Cards project (Google Draw)
1/17 States/D,E,I Keys/Trading Cards Project (Hero)/Sporcle Quizzes
1/22 Goals/Speed Math/C,G,N keys/Complete Trading Cards Project (2 cards)/Beginner Review # 1
1/24 Geography Typing Challenge/T,S,L keys/Check Fantasy BB spreadsheet (players) & formulas
1/28 Goals (Email)/Sporcle Movies Catagory/Input Fantasy Basketball stats for all players/Sporcle Challenge Table set-up/O,B,A keys
1/30 Super Bowl Champions Minefield/O,B,A keys/Take Sporcle quizzes and record & total correct answers on spreadsheet using formulas/Super Bowl Trivia
2/1 V,H,M keys/Update Fantasy BB stats/Period & Comma keys/Check missing assignments
2/5 Goals/Countries of the World/NFL Roster Spreadsheet (add 2018 Salary column)/Beginner Review 2 (typing.com)
2/7 US Presidents/Complete NFL Roster spreadsheet w/salaries/W,X,; keys
2/11 Goals (submit)/Math Minute/Q,Y,P keys/Update Fantasy stats/Complete Roster spreadsheet
2/13Animals A-Z/ Puzzle/Sporcle Challenges/7th Computer Apps/Sum-Min-Max-Avg Roster spreadsheet/Add Top 5 spreadsheet & create 2 charts (Individually)
2/15 Z & Enter keys/Beginner Wrap-Up (typing.com)
 Sports Logos/Cereal Box Project
 Goals/Finish Cereal Box Project/Update Fantasy Stats
 Cardinal Puzzle/Sporcle Challenge Spreadsheet & quizzes
 Sporcle Challenge (Partner Quizzes) - Record quiz scores on spreadsheet/Jigidi Puzzle
 Goals/Common English Words/Update Fantasy FB stats/Submit spreadsheets/Easy Home Row keys
 NBA Teams/Reading Time (10 min)/Red Bandanna videos & reaction paper
Easy Top & Bottom Home Row keys/Puzzles-Sporcle-Homework
 Goals/Shift Key & Capitalization/Halloween Musical Chairs/Update Fantasy FB stats
 MS Fall Dance
 Goals/Sentences keyboarding lesson/Update Fantasy Stats/Top 5 Salaries Spreadsheet & Chart
 Sporcle (10 min)/Excel Crossword Puzzle Project (10 ?'s)/Submit spreadsheet when finished/Speed Drills keyboarding lesson
11/6  Goals/Finish Crossword Puzzle & Submit/Finish Typing lessons through Basic Punctuation 
 11/8Thanksgiving Typing Challenge/Paragraphs typing lesson/Typing.com spreadsheet
 11/12 Goals/Typing Test/Christmas Shopping List/Catch-up on typing lessons
 11/14 Advanced Punctuation typing lesson/Composing at the Keyboard - Topic/Subject Story (1 page - 1 inch margins - double spaced)/Finish Christmas Shopping List
 11/16 Thanksgiving NFL Teams/Intermediate Wrap-up typing lesson/Update Fantasy FB stats spreadsheet/Check Powerschool for missing assignments
 11/20 Skill Builder lesson/Thanksgiving Pic/Sporcle/Games
 11/27 Goals/Read 10 minutes/Numbers-Letters-Numbers lesson/Submit 2 computer study requests/Check Powerschool for missing/incomplete assignments
 11/29Jokes & Laughs lesson/Utilizing Technology in the Workplace - Google slide project
 12/3 Goals/Accuracy Drills lesson/Utilizing Technology in the Workplace - Google slide project
 12/5Nitro Type Content/Utilizing Technology in the Workplace - Google slide project
 12/7Advanced Symbols/ Utilizing Technology in the Workplace - Google slide project due
 12/11 Submit Goal Sheet/Common Medical Terms
 12/13Advanced Wrap-Up
 12/17Letter to Santa!/Missing Typing Lessons



Dream Team

 Backwards Typing Challenge/Complete all PG documents (1,2,3)


Dream Team

 WS W-1 (Team Letterhead)


Dream Team

 Goals/Geography Typing Challenge/W-2 (Envelope Design)/Friend Finder


 Dream Team

 WS W-3 (Planning Form)/


 Dream Team

 Goals/W-3 (Letter to League)/ Typing Challenge


 Dream Team

Complete W-3/W-4 (Planning Form)/ Financial Football


 Dream Team



 Dream Team

Complete W-4/W-5 (Planning Form) 


 Dream Team

W-5/E-1 (Excel)/ Corporate Logos Quiz


 Dream Team

 E-1 (Roster/Excel)/Power of Discipline


 Dream Team

 Complete E-1 (Roster)/Fast Food Restaurants


Dream Team

Goals/Excel WS/E-3 (Planning Form)/Super Bowl Trivia



Atomic Learning/Excel

Goals/Check off Me.doc & Bingo Cards/Get to Know Excel: Enter Formulas


Excel Shopping

Atomic Learning/Friend Finder/Strongest Dad in the World/Excel Shopping


Excel Shopping/Part 2

Excel Shopping Part 2 (Tables & Charts)/CNN - Technology/Typing Challenge





BB Project

Baseball Standings Spreadsheet and Chart/Follywood



   BB Standings

  Goals/Sixth Sense/BB Standings/"http://www.doyouwalkthetalk.com/"Walk The Talk


   BB Standings

   "_blank"ID Theft FaceOff/BB Standings/"http://www.sporcle.com/games/uconnpsych/a-cool-typing-test"Typing Test


   BB Standings

  Goals/No Arms No Legs No Worries/"http://www.braingle.com/trivia/2242/google.html"Google Quiz/"http://www.wiredkids.org/ktt_universal/games/javascript/cyberbullying_quiz_1/index.html"Cyber Bullying Quiz/Charts for BB Standings


   BB Standings/Charts

  BB Standings & Charts/"http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/05/ipad-iphone-apple-ii-steve-jobs-products_n_997438.html"Steve Jobs/"http://www.braingle.com/trivia/3902/software-terminology-ii.html"Terms/"../../../Business_Computers/stevejobs.htm"Steve Jobs Video Page


   BB Charts/Story

  Goals/Excel PR's - Payroll SG/"http://www.everymondaymovie.com/"Every Monday Matters/"http://www.braingle.com/trivia/15475/united-states-in-the-1980s.html"1980's



  Goals/Payroll SG/NASCAR/"http://www.onguardonline.gov/games/friend-finder.aspx"Invest Quest


   Musical Chairs

  Goals/Payroll SG/"http://money.cnn.com/video/technology"CNN - Technology


   Financial FB/IPad Pics

   "_blank"Financial Football/IPad pics



  Fantasy Football Stats Spreadsheet (Collect stats-ESPN-NFL)/"http://www.onguardonline.gov/games/friend-finder.aspx"Wireless Hackers



   Fantasy FB Stats (charts)/Geography Typing/Keyboard


   Catch-up Day

  GAP Payroll/"_blank"The Dash/Access


   Payroll SG

  Goals/Access (Database)/"http://www.onguardonline.gov/games/friend-finder.aspx"Laptop Security


   Payroll SG

   "http://money.cnn.com/video/technology"CNN - Technology/



  /"http://www.onguardonline.gov/games/friend-finder.aspx"Online Lineup






  Team Roster Planning Form/"_blank"Spam Scam/"../../../Business_Computers/presidents_database.htm"Access PR



  Goals/Super Bowl Story



   "http://www.bestwayout.com"Best Way Out/Team Roster (Excel)/"http://www.onguardonline.gov/games/spam-scam-slam.aspx"P2P Threeplay



   "http://money.cnn.com/video/technology"CNN - Technology/Access Database/"http://www.braingle.com/trivia/434/know-your-internet.html"Know Your Internet



  Phishing Scams/Access Database (Queries/Reports)/"http://www.braingle.com/trivia/21115/all-around-computing.html"All Around Computing


   Last Class Period

   "http://www.perrythepeacock.com"Perry The Peacock/Catch-up Day/Famous Landmarks/Cyber Criminal



   "../../../Business_Computers/excel_problem_quiz.htm"Excel WR & PR Quiz/"http://money.cnn.com/video/technology"CNN - Technology/Intro Trading Cards Project



  Finish Quiz/Trading Cards Project/"file:///R:/rscheer/Videos/Computer%20Apps/No_Arms_Athlete_-_Butch_Lumpkin.wmv"Butch Lumpkins



  Goals/"http://home.mcafee.com/AdviceCenter/Default.aspx?id=rs_sq"Quiz 1 & 2"http://www.bonaly.edin.sch.uk/Quiz/quiz.htm"/"http://www.simpletruthsoflifemovie.com/"Simple Truths of Life/Finish Trading Cards/Intro Logos/My Logo/



   "../../../Business_Computers/cybercrime.htm"Internet Exercise/National & Cheney Logos



  Goals/"http://us.mcafee.com/en-us/local/html/identity_theft/phishing_videom.asp"What is Phishing??/"../../../Business_Computers/presidents_database.htm"Access PR/Reveiw for Final/



   "http://us.mcafee.com/en-us/local/html/identity_theft/idtheft_demo.asp"Identity Theft/Computer Apps Final (Access & Logo)/"http://money.cnn.com/video/technology"CNN - Technology



  Computer Apps II Final (Excel & Logo)/"_blank"LetsSayThanks



   "http://money.cnn.com/video/technology"CNN - Technology/All Projects Due!!/BCS Logos/Finish Final/Cyber Criminal



  Finish Final/Competencies & Delete Files/"http://www.butterflyeffectbook.com/"Butterfly Effect/Class Evaluation/Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: http://www.aaa-clipart.com/data/anim3/mailbox/an12.gif