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ArticleAlleviating Client Concerns
Many of your clients are probably concerned where this economic recession will take their businesses. As an accountant, you're in a prime position to help them gain necessary perspective and adopt a more positive attitude regarding their businesses' longevity. Read our 5 suggestions on helping alleviate client concerns.


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A student of mine decided to take a shot at newspaper advertising. Normally the newspaper isn't the best place to start, but she had an idea. Instead of simply advertising her services she wrote: "If you're having trouble with QuickBooks, give me a call at 555-5555." Being well-experienced in QuickBooks, she decided to use her expertise to help others.

Did it work? You bet it did. She was receiving two to three calls per day. Many just wanted free advice. She didn't mind, because there were enough that asked her to come in and help (which she charged $45 per hour to do). It more than made up for the ads. Plus, many of those to whom she gave free advice, kept her name and number and later called her up for more extensive help.


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Question:What is the Universal Business Model?

Answer: The Universal Business Model was designed as an effort to qualify and quantify the strategy of growing a well-rounded, profitable business. The Universal Practice Builder program will teach you how to use a program built around the Universal Business Model (UBM) that will draw business owners asking for your help and services.


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