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Cereal Box Project

Cereal Box Project

Research the following websites for examples:  Cereal Box Archive

Open Publisher/InDesign and use the following setup instructions: 

# of pages2
Dimensions8.5 x 11.5
MarginsSet layout guides to 0 (Arrange/Layout Guides/Set Margin Guides for Top-Bottom-Left-Right for 0)
OtherUsing the rectangle tool, draw a rectangle measuring 8 inches wide by 10.5 inches tall, giving it a 1 pt. border.  Align this rectangle with the margin guides on your page.  The contents of the front side of your cereal box should be placed within this border.

Content and Design Steps to Follow.

1.  Decide on a new brand of cereal to introduce to a specific target market (children, adults, senior)

2.  Include the following on the front side on your new cereal box:

    - A logo for your cereal box (the name of the cereal should be the most prominent element in the logo)

    - A slogan or tagline that captures the essence of you cereal

    - The name of the manufacturer producing the cereal

    - A brief description of the cereal.  Ex.  "Sweet puffs with a touch of honey"

    - A graphic image, preferably a photo, of the cereal itself.

    - The net weight of the cereal box (expressed in ounces)

    -  Back may include more details of promotion/games (kids)/cereal information (website address-products)

    - A special offer, premium, or promotion to entice consumers to buy you cereal.  Ex. "Inside:  Mail-in offer to win a free iPod".  Back may include more details of promotion.

3.  Add additional text and/or graphic elements to help enhance the look and design of the document

4.  Format the size, style, and placement of the text and other elements on the document so that if projects a professional design.

Save as: cerealbox in your Deadline Projects Folder