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Energy Drink Design

Energy Drink Design


Bring your favorite energy drink to class.  You may Google "energy drinks" as well for additional reference.


Brand identity usually consists of a name, logo, slogan, packaging, and Web site.  A successful brand is very memorable and has a loyal fan base due to its identity. 

NameLogoIngredients & Nutrition Facts
A trendy name is a must for a successful brand.  The name must be edgy, creative, and extreme.Look at other labels or cans and identify what makes them successful?  What do they have in common?  What makes them different?  You must remember that a logo should be able to stand alone.  It is your identity and will need to be used on other things besides the label or can.Be creative, this is your chance to use snips, snails, and puppy dog tails as main ingredients.  Remember the details.  If you need some help, look at the ingredients on other energy drinks.  The most important ingredient is caffeine.



Set-up your document in landscape.  Place a text-box or picture just inside you margins. Your ingredients and nutrition's facts will be inside the text-box or picture.


Save as:  energydrink in your deadline projects folder