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Graphic Design Class Schedule

Graphic Design Class Schedule

1/9SyllabusSyllabus/Interest Survey/Corporate Logos/TES Blendspace/ME.doc/CED Planning Sheet
1/11CED Planning Sheet/ME.docCareer Quiz/Complete Career Research WS//bls.gov/Adobe TV Tutorials (Tour Interface-Create a New Document-Basic Tools Overview-Add Text & Art Frames)/Load CC Software/Start ME.doc
1/13ME.docFabulous Fonts Trivia/Share Occupations/Adobe TV Tutorials (How to place images in InDesign-Fitting Graphics to their frames in InDesign-Draw Basic Shapes-Apply color to an Object)/ME.doc/Syllabus due

Business CardsDesign Quiz/CED Planning Sheet due/Business Cards from 3 jobs on CED Planning Sheet/Adobe TV Tutorial (How to create and print business cards under Student Tutorials)/ME.doc/Logo Factory/Logoworks

InDesign Lessons & TutorialsGoals/Adobe TV (Placing Graphics-How to place text from Word-Selecting & Editing Text-Edit Text w/InDesign-Wrap Text around an object)/Export ME.doc as PDF (Email to Mr. Scheer)/All 3 Business Cards due (Export as PDF & Email)/Trading Cards Project
InDesign Lessons & TutorialsState w/o i/Adobe TV Tutorials (How to Manage Color Groups - Managing Pages and Spreads - Format Text with Character Styles - Colorizing Images)/Introduce Newspaper Project (70 points)/Trading Cards (2)
Project & TutorialsAdobe TV Tutorials (Add drop shadows - Create and sync colors - Format text with Paragraph Styles)/Newspaper Front Page Project
Project & TutorialsCorporate Logos III/Newspaper Project Due/Adobe TV Tutorials (Under Key Techniques watch all videos under Design a Magazine Cover (4)/Business Contact (restaurant) sheet/Logo/Slogan/Business Card
InDesign Lessons & TutorialsGoals/Photoshop Tutorials (Under Learn Photoshop CC - Photoshop CC Workspace - Crop a photo - Mask out part of image - Remove objects from Photos)/Intro Magazine Cover/Super Bowl Trivia
InDesign Lessons & TutorialsSpeed Math/Magazine Cover & Article Page/Get Started/Essential for Beginners (Color object-Resize content to frame)/
Learn Essentials/Add Assets (Place images)/Learn Essentials/Create Artwork (Fitting Graphics-Draw Basic Shapes)/Get Started/More Step by Step Projects (Make a logo in InDesign)/
Recreate your logo in InDesign from Google Drawings
9/23InDesign Lessons & TutorialsMagazine Cover & Article Page/Learn Essentials/InDesign Workplace (Manage Color Groups)/Work w/Type (Wrap Text around objects)/Apply Color (Colorizing Images)/Apply Effects (Add drop shadows)/Recreate you ME.doc in InDesign
9/27InDesign Lessons & TutorialsMovie Logos/Get Started/Essential for Beginners (Create a PDF for print-How to find a page center)/Get Started/Step-by-Step (Design a 1 page newsletter)/Learn Essentials/Work with Tables (How to make a table-Table & Cell options/Learn Essentials/Work with Type (Format text in Character Styles-Format text in paragraph styles)/Adobe TV tutorials (Bulleted & Numbered lists - Manage pages & spreads - Creating special effects)/Newspaper Project/Goals
9/29InDesign & TutorialsFast Food/Newspaper Project
10/3Magazine Cover Project/Goals/Complete Newspaper Project
10/5InDesign Lessons & ProjectComplete and Submit Newspaper Project/Intro Restaurant Information Sheet & Headlines & Graphics warm-up/The Dash
10/7InDesign Lessons/ProjectLogos/Submit Headlines & Graphics/Submit Newspaper Project (both in PDF format)
10/11ProjectGoals/Finish & Submit Info Sheet & Headlines/Graphics doc/Start Logos /(/Logos III/What Makes A Great Logo?/Start 3 logos/Logos/Letterhead/Envelope/Business Card)
10/13Trading Cards ProjectIntro Children's Place Mat (Document Planning Sheet)
10/17Restaurant SimulationGoals/Finish Planning Sheet for Children's Place Mat
10/20Restaurant SimulationChildren's Place Mat
10/25Restaurant SimulationGoals/Children's Place Mat/NCAA Final Fours
10/27Restaurant SimulationIntro Coupon Flyer/Best Way Out/NCAA Winners
11/1Restaurant SimulationCoupon Flyer
11/3Restaurant SimulationGoals/Intro Restaurant Menu/10 Myths About Choosing A Career
11/7Restaurant SimulationMenu/#11/Movie Posters
11/9Restaurant SimutionGoals/Pizzeria Menu/Perry The Peacock
11/11Restaurant SimulationGrand Opening Ad/Refrigerator Magnet
Restaurant SimulationComplete Grand Opening & Magnet/40 Fastest Growing Jobs
Restaurant Simulation/Thanksgiving/Takeout Menu
Restaurant SimulationGoals/Takeout Menu/Simple Truths of Life
Restaurant SimulatioTakeout Menu/Bumper Sticker/Hours of Operation Sign/Butch Lumpkins
Restaurant SimulationPunch Card/Cup Coaster/Incredibox
Deadline ProjectsGoals/Gift Certificate/T-Shirt Design
  Deadline ProjectsT-Shirt Design
InDesign CS5Goals & Submit/Restaurant Docs
InDesign CS5All Restaurant Doc are due!!/Final (Parts 1 & 2)
InDesign CS5Duplicate Ads
  Final (Parts 3 & 4)/Competencies

Duplicate Ads