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Cheney Business

Cheney Business Logo/Slogan

  •  Research Internet – Business Logo
  •  Match your number with the business below:
1MDI2Jim's Foodliner3Cheney Animal Clinic
4Citizens State Bank5Art's & Mary's6Hank's
7Compton Liqour8KAPS9China Bar & Grill
10Lubbers11D'Mario's12Ferrel's Body Shop
13Farm Supply14Strong Insurance15Cheney Golden Age Home
16Hillman's Auction17Cheney Health Center18Cherry Oaks Golf Course
19Young's Construction20Brooke Insurance21Flower Fair
22S & Z Mowing23Mainstreet Photo24Benny's
  •  Create Logo (Top ½ of page/include name ofbusiness & picture)
  •  Switch computers & create different style logo on bottom of page from the logo on top (print your name on bottom)

nSave as:  cheney in your Logo's Folder

Time Limit - 25 minutes