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Trading Card Project

Trading Card Project

Research the following websites for examples:  tradingcardcentral.com & upperdeck.com

Open Publisher/InDesign and use the following setup instructions: 

# of pages1
Dimensions8.5 x 11.5
MarginsSet layout guides to 0 (Arrange/Layout Guides/Set Margin Guides for Top-Bottom-Left-Right for 0)
OtherUsing the Text Frame tool, draw a rectangle measuring 4 inches wide by 5 inches tall, giving it a 2 pt border.  Position the rectangle to the left of the page.  Place the contents of the font side of your trading card in this rectangle.  Copy and paste the rectangle, and place it to the right of the page, making sure the boxes do not overlap.  Place the contents of the back side of your trading card in this area.

Before creating your trading card, decide what team or organization you belong to.  Some examples include a sports team, a school organization, or a community group.

Include the following on the front side of your trading card:

A headline title depicting the name of the organization
A photo of yourself (if not possible, use a graphic image as a substitute)
Your name

Include on the following on the back side of your trading card.

Full name (plus nickname, if desired)Anticipated year of graduation
Vital stats (height, hair color, date of birth, etc..)Education
Academic or extracurricular activity highlightsAthletic achievements
Fun facts about youHobbies or favorite pastimes
Appropriate graphic image relating to you

Add additional text and or graphic elements (background, borders, styles) to help enhance the look and appearance of the front and back sides of your trading card.

Format the size, style, and placement of the text and other elements on the document so that it projects a professional design.

After completing both sides, the class will print each card and tape them together.

Save as: tradingcard in your Deadline Projects folder