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Marketing Class Schedule

Marketing Class Schedule


Set-up folders/Intro Class/Syllabus/Goal Sheet/Interest SurveySports Logos?/Marketing Careers - Career Planning Sheet/Edmodo & Knowledge Matters accounts/Apple video

8/21Careers/CH 1Goals/Top 25 US TV Markets/Marketing Careers/Career Planning Sheet/CH 1 Vocab p. 25/VB Pre-Test
8/23CH 1/VB7 Ways to Make Customers Love You/Read CH 1 (Section 1.1 & 1.2)/VB Tutorial & Math Concepts
8/25CH 1/VBShare Marketing Careers/Real World Application (p.2)/Season Ticket Flyer
8/29CH 1/VBGoals/10 Things Extraordinary People Say Every Day/Section 1.1 Study Skills (p.3)/Real World Applications Section 1.2 (p.5)/Check Section 1.1/VB Tutorial & Math Concepts
8/31VBCheck Section 1.2/Slogans and Logos/Top 10 Minor League Promotions/Design Infographics/Pitko account/VB Lesson (Market Research)
9/5CH 1/VBGoals/Complete Infographic/Check Section 1.2 & Cover Sections 1.2/Section 1.3 (Study Skills) & Academic Intergration
9/7CH 1/VBCheck 1.3 Study Skills & Academic/9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier/Super Bowl Ads/Chapter 1 Test Taking (p. 13)/VB Lesson (Product)/Super Bowl Commercial Trivia
9/11CH 1/VBGoals (email)/Super Bowl Winners/Super Bowl Ad Spending/Finish VB Leson (Product)/Superbowl-Commercials.org/CH 1 Test Taking/VB Lesson (Place)
Check CH 1 workbook assignments/Review CH 1/Complete sparkle quizzes from previous classes/Complete VB Lesson - Place/Complete Inforgraphic
 9/15 Value of a Super Bowl Ad/Stadiums with Corporate Sponsorships/Chapter 1 Review/CH 1 Test on Tuesday/VB Lesson (Price)
9/19VB Sports/CH 2CH 1 Test/Sentence Completion p. 22 /Section 2.1 Study Skills (p. 16)/Chapter 2 Vocab
9/21VB Sports/CH 2CH 2 Crossword Puzzle (Glencoe link)/Study Skills,Sentence Completion/Read Chapter 2 Section 2.1/Article Review #1 (Marketing Campaign-Any Product or Person - 4 P's)
9/26VB Sports/CH 2Goals/Read Writing a Marketing Plan pp 37-41/Complete Section 2.2 Real World Application p. 18 & Section 2.2 Study Skills p. 19 in WB/VB Lesson (Promotion - Traditional Media)
9/28VB Sports/AdsDiscuss Article Reviews/Small Companies Behind The Super Bowl/Complete Section 2.2 assignments/2.1 Real World Application & 2.2 Study Skills/SWOT
10/2/10/4VB Sports/AdsGoals/#1 Marketing Mistake/CH 2 Test Taking p. 23/Flashcards/VB Lesson (Promotion - Email)
10/6 &10/10VB Sports/AdsVB Lesson (Staffing,Selling,Customer Service)/Crossword & Fill-in-Blank/CH 2 Test on Thursday
 10/12 CH 2 Test (submit CH 2 Spreadsheet)/Read CH 9 Section 9.1/Complete Real World Applications (p. 89)
 10/16  Goals/Study Skills (vocab. p. 90 - use excel)/Read Section 9.2/Real World Applications (p.91)
 10/19  Article Review (Technology in Marketing)/Submit at end of block
 10/24   Goals/Share Article Review (Technology in Marketing)/Check p. 89 & 90/Complete Real World App p. 92 - Study Skills p. 93/The Real Reason Your Marketing Doesn't Work!/Select Worst Team/Product Ever (summary of team/product - 1 paragraph)
10/26CH 2VB Lesson (Purchasing & Inventory Control)
 10/31  Check pp. 92 & 93/Section 9.2/Academic Integration (p.95-96)/Chapter Vocab. (p.97)/Test-Taking (p.98)
 11/2  Complete a SWOT analysis for Worst Team/Product/Create promotional item for use on social media (video, google slides, poster, etc.)
 11/6  Goals/VB Lesson (Merchandising)
 11/14 Goals/Check answers for pp. 92-93, p. 95-98
 11/16 VB Lesson (Security & Risk Management)/CH 9 Test on Monday
 11/20  Goals/CH 9 Test/Read Section 17.1/Real World Applications (p.177), Study Skills (p.178)

VB Sports

VB Lesson (Security & Risk Management)

VB Sports

VB Lesson (Financing & Planning a Business)

CH 9
Goals/CH 9 Glencoe Exercises//VB Challenge (Retailing Mogul)

VBCrazyfads.com/CH 9 Glencoe Exercises
VBComplete VB Lesson (Retailing Mogul)/Begin Turnaround Lesson

Complete Retailing Mogul & Turnaround Lessons/Review CH 9 assignments on Wednesday

4/1VB/CH 9Set-up Team Competition/CHS Print logo/slogan design
4/5CH 9 & 17Goals/Check Section 9.1/Check Team Competition
4/7CH 17

Check Section 9.2/CH 9 Test on Tuesday (4/12)/MLB Promos

4/12Worst Team

Goals/CH 9 Test/9 Silly Mistakes Marketers Make/Missing Words/Read Section 17.1/Flashcards-Crossword-Fill in the Blanks/Real World Applications (p.177), Study Skills (p.178)

4/14New VB Lesson

Complete Section 17.1 assignments from 4-13/Review Section 17.1/Fill in the Blanks/Article Review (Best Promotions)

4/18CH 17Goals/Read Section 17.2/Complete Study Skills (p. 181) & CH Vocab (p.184)/Submit Article Review (Best Promotions)
4/20CH 17

4/22CH 17

Article Reviews

4/26CH 17

Goals/Article Reviews/Review Section 17.1/Corporate Promotions/CHS Promotions (Softball/Baseball/Track Meet)/Advertising Mascots/Advertising Slogans/Real World Applications (p. 180)

4/28CH 17

BAD Promotions - Article Review/Review CHS Promotions/Test Taking (p. 185)/Flashcards-Crossword-Fill in the Blanks/Section 37.1 (Study Skills, p. 395) - Real World Applications p. 397


Goals/Submit CH 17 Assignments/CH 17 Test/Section 37.1 (Study Skills, p 398 - Academic Integration p. 400 - Chapter Vocab p. 401


Best Career Advice/Flashcards-Crossword-Fill in the Blanks/Chapter 37 Test Taking p. 402

5/9 Check 37.1 Study Skills & 37.2 Real World Applications/Section 37.2 Study Skills (p. 398)
5/11 Check Section 37.1 assignments
5/13 Check Section 37.2 assignments
5/17 Goals & Submit/Class Competencies/CH 37 Test (Final)
5/19 Article Review (Marketing Careers) 
 Article Review (Marketing Careers)