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CHS Research Paper

Research Paper

Government’s Role in Hurricane Katrina


The main purpose of this research paper is for you, the student, to gain a better understanding of the structure of the United States government. Our unique federalist government system was created by the framers of the Constitution over 200 years ago. While our federalist system has stood the test of time through many challenges, both foreign and domestic, hurricane Katrina has perhaps accomplished the most in terms of revealing its weaknesses in times of crisis. Your research will look at one aspect of this event in terms of the shortcomings of our government system. Your efforts should look at causes and solutions as well as long lasting effects. Please read the following Kansas State Social Studies Standards to form a clearer picture of what you should be learning from your research.


The student:

v     uses a working knowledge and understanding of governmental systems of the United States and other nations with an emphasis on the U.S. Constitution.

v     uses a working knowledge and understanding of the spatial organization of Earth’s surface and relationships among people, places, and physical and human environments in order to explain the interactions that occur in our interconnected world.

v     examines the purpose and functions of various humanitarian organizations ( e.g. Red Cross, Salvation Army).

v     explains the factors that could change supply of or demand for a product.

v     analyzes how the rule of law can be used to protect the rights of individuals ( e.g. martial law, health and safety issues).

v     examines the struggle for equality in terms of class and race.



The paper may be turned in early, but late papers will be docked 10% each class period they are over due.

·        Your paper will need to be 3-4 pages in length, not including the cover page, abstract, and references page.

·        You must use APA documentation for all outside sources and have a references page.

·        Plagiarism and failure to cite sources will result in a zero for the assignment.

·        Bring your Writers Inc. -you will need it!!!

·        Because this assignment is worth 25% of your 9 weeks grade, not turning it in could result in failure of this course for the quarter, so take it seriously.

·        The paper is DUE ON THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13