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Chapter 1 Worksheet

Current Events                                                                          Name________________

Chapter 1


1. Why do people need laws?



2. Define the term “law”.


3. Explain how laws affect our lives.




4. Name one rule that exists here at Cheney High School.  Explain why you think it







5. Island scenario:  You are stranded on an island with ten other people. Write a short

    essay in the space below on what the group should do to insure its survival. Think in

    terms of leadership, organization, and laws.




6. Who was Jean-Jacques Rousseau?




7. What is a social contract?




8. Explain what Rousseau meant by the statement “ What wisdom can you find that is

    greater than kindness”?




9. How do we ensure that laws are fair?




10.What are some influences that religion has had on laws?




11. What are some contributions of the following:

            Hammurabi’s Code-



            Roman Law-



            The Justinian Code-


12. Explain the difference between common law and statutory law.



13. Complete the following charts.

English Law
















Types of Law