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Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment – Civil Liberties


Your job is to demonstrate an understanding of how the Constitution protects civil liberties.


Big Understandings

  • The Constitution represents the core civic values of our society.
  • The Courts are given the power to interpret the Constitution.
  • At times, conflict may arise between our civil liberties.


Essential Questions

  • How does the structure and power distribution of our government help protect our civil liberties?
  • How are civil liberty disputes resolved?
  • How can the courts establish public policy?


Your Task:


You are project creator for the Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C. Your museum curator wants you to design a display for an exhibit that focuses on civil liberties. Each display will focus on a landmark court case that established a precedent for a particular freedom or right guaranteed by the Constitution. The display will include a background of the case, the constitutional question, the courts decision, what did the court say about constitutional rights, and what implications did this case have for the future. Picture, maps, graphs, or any other visual aid that could help the viewer better understand the case should be included.


Your case will be displayed on a tri-fold poster board. I will be organized in the manner given below.