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Expository Connections


Expository Connections


Sweet Charity

The Sweetest Place on Earth

Sleep Apnea Brochure

Stray Dog Saves Life of Abandoned Baby

Night Lights on High Seas

Zapping Sports Injuries


Nosing Around US Border

Right Hook—Left Hook: The Boxing Controversy

From Africa in 1942

Buddies Bare Their Affection for Classmate

Live From Mars

Spreading the Word

Disaster at Sea

Treasure Hunt

When the Earth Shakes

Bat Quest

The Real Story of a Cowboy’s Life

In a Mix of Cultures, an Olio of Plantings

The Melting Pot

Justin Lebo

How do Rainmakers Make it Rain

Why Trains are no Longer Popular

The Gettysburg Address

Skateboards for Success



Animals’ Tails

Comprehensive Reading Assessment Booklet

80,000 Sneakers

An Extraordinary Man

Arachne’s Boast

We Need a Youth Center