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Current Event Sites

Mrs. Butel’s Sites for CE Speeches




Suggested Credible Sites on the Internet






o       select MSNBC special

o        has US News w/ categories like education, environment, crime & punishment

o       select CNN In-Depth

o        offers background on the big events

o       select Yahoo! Full Coverage

o        offers United States, world, health, science, & business categories





o       select from a long list of topics

o        elections, Iraq War, news & opinion, US Supreme Court




o       has a list of latest news items located under

o        Community Section

o        Popular Forums

o       Current Events




  • refer to button -  “see top 10” under Popular News



Database Sources on Learning Station


SIRS Researcher

  • find it under school bookmarks
  • ID: KS0204
  • password: Cards



choose from one or more databases

  • select database: Student Research Center
  • select magazines & newspaper (icons); clear the other options
  • search by topic--left column--select “Current Event”
  • search w/in current topics
    • the database generates a list of current issues (main part of screen)
    • OR—type in the topic in the Search Box
  • Again, you may choose to filter by type of publication (i.e. magazines, newspapers)
  • The button at the topic, “New Search,” returns you to the original search screen where you can start with a new topic