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3 examples of Introducing a Classmate as Though They Are FAMOUS

Just Another Abnormal Life

By Mikaela Smith


In San Diego, a baby panda was born, healthy, happy and playfull.

In Los Angeles a Elephant calf was rescued from a well; now the calf is back with its mother.

Caitlin Molyneux is here to talk to you but first let me tell you about her life.

Biographical Info

3 sisters. 3 very small pinkies, and 3 koala bears. Caitlin Molyneux didnt have a normal life growing up, But her life has had a little bit of a twist to it. Caitlin was born in australia. Her mom was born in New York, and her dad was born in California. Shes part of quadrouplets. Her sisters names are Alia, Mia, and Erika. Caitlin doesn’t have normal hands at all. On her left hand she has 1 very small pinkie, and on her right hand she has 2 very small pinkies. Shes been to several different pinkie specialists and none of them have figured out what made them grow like that. She raised 3 koalas. 2 boys named Peter and Randy; and 1 girl named Sandy.  That’s why shes famous.

Noteable Info- why Famous

3 tricks, 3 places, and 3 different koalas. She did some research on how many koalas have been caught and raised and figured out that there were very few koalas raised. She also figured out that she was the first one to capture and raise not one but three. She later got a letter in the mail that schools around the world figured out what she has done with her koalas and wanted her to come speek to the kids about how it is working with wild animals. After that she started going to nursing homes and telling them how it was raising koala bears. Then she worked her way to the zoo and helped them with the koalas that they have caught for their exipets. Finally she taught her koalas to do tricks. They could do just about anything that a dog could do. She taught them to sit, lay, play dead, and even hide; just like dogs.

Misc. Info

3 daughters, 3 states, and 3 jobs.  Caitlin and Taylor Lautner were married on July 13th.  They now live in HollyWood. They have 3 daughters;  Nichole, Danielle, and Aubrey. In Pennsilvania, Texas, and California the Koala Organization was founded by Caitlin. She now has 17 koalas. Healthy. Playfull. And Happy.  As she got older her pinkies became normal size, but she still has 2 on one hand.

Second Transition

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Caitlin Molyneux with her speech Rolls And Trolls.

Josh K intros Austin Durrant 

I cannot ride a bike with two training wheels, he can ride two bikes at the same time. I cannot drive my car over 55mph without getting nervous, he can ride his motorcycle 300mph without breaking a sweat. I cannot back out of a parking space. He can ride his motorcycle in reverse for 100,000 miles…with no hands on the handlebars.

Austin Durant is the best motorcyclist in the world. He turned motorcycling into an art and mastered it and performed some amazing stunts and set some ridiculous world records.


Riding on two wheels…It’s what this bam has loved since the day he was born. He stole a wheel chair in the hospital and rode it home. While popping a wheelie the entire time. His parents got him a bike when he was three years old, he never used training wheels. He grew up a biker, a very skilled one. He doesn’t have a wife but attractive biker chicks always come his way looking for a ride.

He actually has two kids a girl named Harley and a boy named Davidson. Living in California is ideal for him because the weather is nice for riding. He makes his money by performing his riding skills for his fans.


Riding on two wheels…is what he is known for. He set the highest speed ever rode on a motorcycle, 700 mph. he was the first man to perform a front flip on a motorcycle. He once rode so fast that he time traveled 20 years into the future, then went just as fast in reverse to get back. Thus he was the first person to time travel. Also, he rode his bike so fast that he actually flew, so he was the first man to fly on a bike. He set the record for longest time spent doing a wheelie, 7 years. Another one of his feats was hydroplaning across the Atlantic Ocean.


Riding on two wheels…is what he does with most of his time. But when he isn’t he is working on his 47 motorcycles. And he also feeds his goats on his goat farm. Every onec ni a while he visits Austin, Texas, a city named after him. He also works at American Choppers whenever he wants. Harley-Davidson has him test drive all of their new bikes before they are even available to the public. He even designs his own line of leather clothing with his own company called Austintacious. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Austin Durant who is saying his speech “Ride hare, and long.”


Her comes the leather lover himself.

Eliz. intros Sarah

In Korea, the nuclear power plant is closed forever.

In Beijing the King of England pays a visit to the Royal palace

In America, the last gang ends its violence.


All of these describe the way that Sarah Fields has helped the world. Before Sarah comes onstage, I would like to share with you a little background information about her life as she rose to stardom.


Born a star

Sarah was born a twin in Romania with her Greek mother and vampire father. After many death threats from townspeople, Sarah and her family fled to a place where they knew no one would suspect a vampire family: Cheney Kansas. Sarah played high school soccer and everyone agreed that she was a natural. Later she graduated from Cheney and left to pursue her own interests while her twin brother attended Yale.


Rising to stardom

After high school, Sarah went to the Middle East to help Iraq with its many problems. Not only did she help Iraq, but the entire middle east ended all of their feuding and worshipped her glory. The prince ofJordan became amazed by her beauty and soon they fell in love and became married. Even though her life was going by perfectly, Sarah knew something was missing. So she traveled the world and helped all those in need. When the entire world was in perfect harmony, se came home and published her book: Your welcome world.


Life as a star

Sarah now lives at her home in Jordan with her husband and 17 kids. She still goes and helps countries with their problems since she can speak every language known to man. Her book is currently going as the number one bestseller for the 10th year in a row with oever 4 billion copies sold. Sarah’s children are following in her footsteps as they have already started their own charities and foundations for those in need.

So now without further a due, Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Sarah Fields, the reason for the world peace…and everything else.