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Benefits of Brain Breaks


Brain Breaks…


·        require little of no equipment

·        usually require space

·        are easily adaptable for number of people present

·        are research based activities that have proven to help student focus & attention


The Teacher’s Philosophy In Regards to Brain Breaks:

I began using Brain Breaks in the 2001-02 school year, and they have continued to be a part of Classroom 108. Brain Breaks give the brain a boost with one or two things occurring...circulation after time sitting and socializing after a time of being focused on course work.


According to  Spencer Kagan’s book, there are 9 basic  benefits to brain breaks:

(1) to develop character

(2) to develop emotional intelligence

(3) to develop positive social orientation

(4) to develop creativity

(5) to stretch the bodily/kinesthetic intelligence

(6) to develop a process orientation

(7) to create more equal participation

(8) to create greater engagement

(9) to connect with a fundamental part of ourselves—our instinctual playfulness


Source: Silly Sports & goofy Games by Dr. Spencer Kagan (of Kagan Cooperative Learning)