Kagan Cooperative

Kagan Cooperative Learning

What is it?

Cooperative Learning is NOT group work. Mrs. HarrisDOES NOT take group grades.


See the table below for the differences between team work and group work…


Positive Interdependence, Individual Accountability,

Equal Participation, & Simultaneous Interaction

Teamwork Components

Group Work Components

(not Kagan)

cooperative (with in the teams)


individual grades

group grades

teams are heterogeneous when possible

gender split

individual accountability

one does work for the other

teacher assigned teams

teams assigned randomly, by students, or by teacher

engage with each other

every 10-15 minutes

usually long-term

interaction w/in a structure of directions from the teacher with each team member having the responsibility of doing something

group figures out how to interact; this creates imbalance of the following types of students:

a do-nothing, a-do-it-all, & a-whatever-you-say


dependent or do-nothing or do-it-all

Mrs. Harris does do some competition activities but those are not cooperative in nature.