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Late Work Policy

Situation Amount of Credit Earned
done, but in locker or not printed out or the online hand-in procedure not followed 

90% credit earned

1 day late

80% credit earned if turned in later on day it is due or the next day

2 days late70% credit earned

not accepted anymore
0% credit earned
  • Late Work is to be turned into the designated manner as directed, so that could mean in the late work tray in Room 108, in Google Drive, or in an email
  • Make-Up work can easily turn into late work if not done in a timely manner
  • See Make-Up Section for guidelines regarding that
 Academic Detention Policy for Room 108

If a student habitually turns in late work, the teacher reserves the right to modify the above policy with the following options:

Student fills out the pink form & teacher signs it, then it goes home to get a parental signature, and then it is returned to the teacher the next day.

Student earn an AD, an academic detention. 30 minutes before/after school.

If late work continues to be habitual and AD does not seem to be modifying student behavior, then zeros will be earned for incomplete work.

Melodie Harris
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