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"Impossible Things" is a beautifully written and unusual boo, September 2, 1999 
Reviewer: A reader from Pittsburgh,PA USA

"Impossible Things" is a beautifully written and unusual book. It celebrates the mother-son relationship,which,as a mother, I was glad to see in print. When Brady's mother is killed in an accident-he desperatly searches his mind for ways to bring her back. His relationship with his father changes from pals to adversaries when his father hooks up with a mean girlfriend. When Brady's life"hits bottom" he finds his beautiful/hideous friend in the cave on the beach. This is where the book goes from being realistic,funny,and poignant to having a deep spiritual meaning. However,it is not" new age".What the being in the cave tells Brady is a comfort to all,young or old. I highly recommend this book to anyone.