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What should a sentence look like?


·     Begins with a capital letter

·     Ends with proper punctuation

·     Incorporates proper internal punctuation

·       Expresses a complete thought


simple sentence contains a simple subject and a simple predicate.  This is also called an independent clause.


Example of a simple sentence:


(independent clause)

Mary had a little lamb.


Compound sentences are two simple sentences joined with a comma and a conjunction.


Example of a compound sentence:


                     (independent clause)              (independent clause)

Mary had a little lamb, and she loved it very much.


Complex sentences are made up of an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses.  A dependent clause cannot stand alone.


Example of a complex sentence:


                     (independent clause)                            (dependent clause)

The lamb followed Mary to school after she fed it.




              (dependent clause)             (independent clause)  

After she fed it, the lamb followed Mary to school.