Meeting Minutes

Wellness Meeting Minutes

January 18, 2018

Meeting came to Order at 3:00 pm-ended at 4:00pm.

Those present:

Charlene Lyons –Food Service Director

Brenda Berry—Family & Consumer Science

Randy Leroux—HS Physical Education

Sherry Conrad—Elementary Principal

Ron Orsak—Middle School Principal

Greg Rosenhagen—HS Principal

David Grover—Superintendent

Eileen Sagner—Treasurer

Linda Ball –Mayor

Dr. Steve Gould—Chiropractor

Guest Speaker, Lori Heger, presented Topics to discuss and offered Technical Assistance during this Wellness Coaching Session.

 * Wellness Policy is posted on the Website-we are encouraged to post the link to Data Central

 * Talked about updating our Meeting Minutes and Wellness Committee Members on Website

 * Discussed the “Active Schools Let’s Move Kansas” in-service for the District

 * Discussed the availability of the PAL Training for Physical Education Teachers

 * Handed out Website information for the New Physical Education Curriculum developed by the

    State of Kansas

Action Planning and /or Notes for our Wellness Committee

  • Add a Student or two to our Wellness Committee

  • Add a” Smarter Lunchroom” to the Elementary School

  • In Developing Policies, we need to check on “seat time” that students have @ The Elementary School

  • Elementary have a gym available for classroom parties- work on a list of activities that could be used for a reward party in the gym

  • Hydration System-Adding water bottle filling systems in the Elementary School

  • Committee would like to sign up for the “Active Schools, Let’s Move Kansas School” in-service

To incorporate brain boost in the classroom