Children live with stress. Most stressors involve a transition of some kind. Stress and change often go hand in hand. For a child, moving away from a school and/or home can be traumatic. Middle school is a difficult period of transition for most children. Moving to a new community and being the new student in middle school can be not only stressful but frightful as well.

Cheney Middle School wants to make new students feel welcome and help them develop some attachment to their new surroundings. The primary responsibility of a student ambassador is to serve as a new student mentor. Specific duties are:

act as hosts for building tours, new student orientations, special events and open house

be information givers at special events (i.e. Mix-It-Up Day, 5th Grade Orientation)

guide new students around the school and introduce him/her to students and teachers

  • eat lunch with the new student

arrange for the student to attend a school event

make a follow-up phone call to the assigned student

be a positive representative of the school

2014-2015 Student Ambassadors

Sixth Grade

Kaylie Almendariz, Landen Ayres, Lexi Cline, Ethan Cokely, Conner Eastman,

Garrett Jacobs, Camdyn Pipkin, Christian Presley, Caitlyn Summerer

Seventh Grade

Robert Clear, Ashlynn Fairall, Aubrey Hays, Harper Hedrick, Briannan Lorenz,
Maddi Murray, Mollie Reno, Emily Ryba, Ariel Stamback

Eighth Grade

Emma Albers, Jaimie Hays, Blaire Hoeme, Coy Lampe, Layne Needham,

Trey Patterson, Connor Stephenson, Ben Wallace, Laney Womack