Teaming activities consist of consultation, collaboration and coordination of services related to the educational, career and personal-social development of students.

1. Consultation and Collaboration: I consult and collaborate with school personnel to best meet the social, emotional and educational needs of students. I also consult with parents to understand the whole child and to develop a positive school – to – home relationship that best meets the needs of the child. I consult with community agencies to ensure that a team approach is developed and to provide a full range of available services to children and families. Parents can contact me for referrals to outside agencies as well.

2. Coordination: I coordinate all functions of the counseling program within the school with administrators. This includes classroom guidance, group and individual counseling, meetings, referrals, special programs and projects. I also help coordinate the efforts of school personnel, families and community agencies to provide services for children to develop a team approach to serving children. In addition, I coordinate with the middle school counselor to promote a positive transition for fifth grade students going to the middle school.