All children will experience some form of transition. I teach all students the skills for dealing with change, but some have more personal needs. I can provide support to these individuals through group work or individual counseling.

Helping Students

With an understanding of a student’s situation, the school will be in a better position to offer the support the child needs. If there are circumstances at home that may affect a child’s learning, we encourage parents to let us know so we can better understand the child and help him/her to be successful.

Helping Parents

I encourage parents to draw on my familiarity with community resources and services to help support their child and family through change. In addition, reading can be very therapeutic for transitioning families. Books are a way to assist a child in overcoming an emotional crisis. I have compiled an extensive list of books that can be used to teach, comfort and heal. Please contact me for a book list if you are interested in helping your child by reading with him/her.